Reasons why you and your family should unplug

Family time. Sometimes it seems like a luxury that you are rarely able to enjoy. Most days your life is go-go-go and by the time your head finally hits the pillow, you may feel like you haven't spent any time with your family at all.

If this sounds familiar to you, it's time to change the narrative and step away from the constant hustle and bustle of your day-to-day obligations to find more ways to unplug and relax while spending time in nature and enjoying family time. Real face-to-face time with each member of your family is invaluable every day and a hot tub is a wonderful way to make these interactions happen.

Consider this your first step.

The benefits of spending time with family

Before we get into strategies you can employ to make the most of a hot tub and spend more time with your family, let's discuss how these interactions can benefit everyone in your family.

For starters, research shows that families that make a point to spend time together have children who generally earn better grades in school and are less likely to become involved in dangerous behavior.

In addition, a Journal of Family Psychology study found that living with involved siblings increased a child's likelihood of doing good deeds on their own, so make your family time an all-inclusive affair and everyone will benefit.

Supporting continual learning and growing through family time

The activities you share as a family can present a wonderful opportunity to teach and help your child learn without the pressure they may feel at school. Your kids are learning from you all the time, including lessons on how to be a good parent themselves one day, so don't turn down the chance to set a good example.

Making healthy choices

No, you won't be swimming laps in your hot tub. But even the most relaxing soak is still more active than an afternoon spent in front of the television.

In addition, research shows that the more time you spend with your children, the more influence you will have over their future decisions. This includes your ability to set an example by making healthy choices in the food you eat during your family activities. In other words, that simple soak you take now could have a big impact on your little ones' futures.

Ways to unplug and enjoy family time in your hot tub

OK, now that we've looked at some of the different ways spending time together can benefit your entire family, how do you make the most of that valuable family time in your hot tub? Here are a few ideas.

1. Make it a game

Yes, the family that plays together bonds together. Games like 20 Questions, Who Am I?, and Word Trail can be enjoyable for everyone and, better yet, adjusted to work for any age.

And if your family is a little more adventurous, you can also orchestrate your own version of hot tub idol, judging contestants based on talent and, of course, showmanship.

2. Bring a game

If word games aren't your thing and you prefer something of the more tactile variety, bring a board game into the hot tub with you. Travel versions of many popular board games are available making them the perfect size for a hot tub trip. Look for a game of entirely plastic components and you won't have to worry about a game piece or two that goes overboard during play.

3. Reinvent book club

Laying back and listening to a book while you relax doesn't have to be a solo activity. With wireless Bluetooth technology, your entire family can enjoy a book from the comfort of your hot tub. This is another activity that can be easily scaled based on the ages of everyone involved. When the book - or chapter - is over, you can prolong the fun by discussing your opinions of everything you've just heard. The family member who makes the most insightful interpretation gets to pick the next book.

4. Put a new spin on movie night

The traditional Friday night movie will be even more enjoyable if you watch it from the relaxing comfort of your hot tub. Your viewing setup can be as unique as you are from hot-tub specific monitors that attach to your tub, to a conventional television connected to a wall or deck setting. Make a chart of who gets to pick the Friday night movie or set your choices to a different theme each week and you're ready to go.

5. The race is on

If your family is more on the competitive side, your hot tub can be a great space to host a race or two. Plastic ducks, floating boats ... whatever your object of choice, pick a start and finish point and let them go. Bonus points for the last one standing upright.

6. Enjoy the stars

Sometimes the best hot tub entertainment isn't happening in the tub itself, but right above you. On a clear night, don't be afraid to take a relaxing soak while gazing skyward. This can be a wonderful time to teach your children to recognize certain constellations or to simply ask them what the stars look like to them. The creativity of their answers is sure to keep you entertained throughout your soaking session.

Start enjoying relaxing family time in your hot tub today

If the daily grind is leaving you without the family time you need, now's the perfect time to make a change. Scheduling family activities is a great way to preserve what's most important to you. And if you plan your activities to include your hot tub, your family will be all the more excited to maintain the date.

To learn more about bringing a hot tub to your home, download our free brochure today.

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