A True Story Of Transformation: “Finding Serenity, Every Day With Every Minute”

Recently, we asked Caldera® owners to tell us why they love their Caldera hot tubs and we received some very inspiring replies.

We’ve collected many interesting stories of what makes a Caldera hot tub special. From rehabbing athletic injuries to making more time to spend with loved ones, we wanted to share a few comments from one submission that truly touched us all here at Caldera Spas.

The lightbulb in the dark.

I work full time in child services for a local county government. I also go to college full time in the evenings. For the past year and a half, I could feel myself dwindling from stress emotionally, mentally, and physically. I invested in an elliptical but that wasn’t ridding my life of the dark growing cloud. I thought back to the time I last remembered being happy and feeling the least stressed. I remembered the hot tub in the apartment complex I lived in several years back. The thought of owning my own spa felt like a light bulb going off. Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?”

Many people wonder about investing in a spa and although we have heard many differing reasons of why people love their hot tub, one theme remains the same… “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” We can tell you from first-hand experience, it can be a gift that you give yourself—one that keeps on giving for many years to come and one that you deserve!

Everything changes.

“I have never felt more certain of a purchase, and never felt more grateful for its benefits. I use my spa 4-5 times a week at least. I sleep better, have more energy, get great mental clarity while I’m soaking, and have a wonderful time bonding with family and friends as well. I cannot describe the calming moments I enjoy and what that does for my stress and sanity. I have a refreshed outlook as well as an energized, positive outlook every morning when I wake up now.”

We talk about transformation here a lot, as you know. It’s the core benefit of using a Caldera hot tub and something our owners experience on a daily basis. It can be profound and, while it starts with you and the way you live, it can be passed along to those around you.

Healthy chain reactions.

Some unexpected benefits that I attribute to my spa are others commenting that my skin looks brighter, clearer, and overall healthier. I personally believe this is due to the increased circulation. I have also noticed my food choices are wiser after soaking. I feel so great that I want to pass along that great feeling by putting great healthy foods in my body. I have also noticed those close to me are getting the relaxation and stress relief benefits of my spa, and if I can offer those I love that benefit through the ownership of my Caldera spa, I am already forever indebted.”


Many thanks to Christina for sharing this positive, powerful story with us!  As mentioned, we have read a lot of great Caldera hot tub stories and we’re looking forward to reading even more—especially yours. Share your Caldera hot tub story!

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