The Ultimate Home Spa Experience: Soothe Your Mind and Body With a Hot Tub Soak

Sometimes it feels as though aches and worries have a mind of their own. Especially in the colder, darker months of the year, when depression and anxiety are statistically more likely to flare up, it's easy to feel exhausted and tense.

In times of added physical, mental, or emotional strain, an overindulgence of self-care may be a good way to begin releasing some of that tension. A home spa experience can enable you to defeat stress with relaxation and meet disconnection with mindfulness. One of your best assets is your home hot tub. It can melt your physical tension directly while also encouraging you to tune into your mental and emotional experiences and needs. The first step toward addressing your self-care needs is identifying what those needs are. The effort you invest in your physical, mental, and emotional wellness now will extend forward into every corner of your life. With that in mind, let's start planning a simple yet luxurious home spa experience.

Preparing Your Spa Experience at Home

To bring yourself into the mood and the mindset for your DIY spa day, be ready to set aside the usual distractions that help keep you in this cycle of stress and disconnection. Let this day be all about rest and relaxation.

  1. Clear your schedule and let this whole day be about your self-care.
  2. Put away your phone and other devices, except to use them for music or ambiance.
  3. Stay hydrated with herbal teas or water infused with cucumber, lemon, mint, and pineapple for some natural sweetness.
  4. Check that your hot tub is ready for your use, once all of your other comforts are in place.
  5. Set out some flameless LED candles to help set a mellow mood without having to worry about open flames.
  6. Prepare some aromatherapy for its calming and rejuvenating effects. Just remember to never add essential oils to your hot tub water. Use an aromatherapy system specifically designed for use with a hot tub water care system.
  7. Choose some relaxing music—perhaps a special spa playlist of instrumentals, or a playlist from Spotify or Pandora, and set it to repeat so you won't have to bother restarting it when it ends.
  8. Pull out a clean robe and slippers to keep you warm and cozy after your home spa experience.
  9. Allow time for deep sleep after your DIY day spa.

You'd be surprised at the importance of the care you put into planning and preparing your dedicated home spa. The attention you put into the planning process will put you into the right soothing mindset to begin healing. You're ensuring that once you begin to relax in your spa, you won't have to interrupt your newfound serenity to address something you've forgotten.

Home Spa Experience Ideas for Your Body and Mind

Caring for your mind by giving yourself a break from your worries and concerns is just as important as caring for your body. The body and mind influence each other, creating complicated layers of tension in times of physical or mental strain. Conversely, the mind and body can also work together to ease tension when we're able to stay centered and in touch with our experience and our needs. Mindfulness is an important tool to help you come into the present moment, listen to what your body is communicating to you, and make conscious space for your thoughts and feelings to inhabit.

Indulge your body in a complete home spa experience

Home Spa Steps to Soothe the Body:

  1. Soak in your hot tub, taking full advantage of a complete jet massage.
  2. After a few minutes, do some gentle stretches for your joints and your back.
  3. Give yourself a gentle face massage as the steam from the hot tub helps to deepen your breath.
  4. Lie back and relax in the warmth. Leave the jets on to continue your massage experience, or turn them off to sink into the quiet stillness and space of deep relaxation.

Home Spa Steps to Soothe the Mind:

  1. As you soak, close your eyes and quietly count to ensure you are inhaling and exhaling at the same rate.
  2. While breathing naturally, think about all parts of your body, moving slowly from your toes all the way to the top of your head, and take note of your experiences and sensations along the way: comfort, discomfort, tightness, spaciousness, soreness, or anything else.
  3. Take some time to imagine that your mind is like the water in the tub. When the jets are on, your mind is constantly moving, with thoughts passing by and bumping into each other; when you turn the jets off, see if you can let your mind become still and clear like the water.

How Your Home Spa Day Can Enhance the Rest of Your Life

Practice mindfulness in your hot tub for a home spa experience

Yes, your DIY spa is the perfect recipe for relaxation today, but it can also set you up for a healthy body-mind connection and experience in the days to come. Commit to your body's rest and regeneration and to practicing mindfulness. You'll discover that you can feel more grounded in your relationships with others and with yourself, in your roles and responsibilities, and in your enjoyment of life. Let this home spa experience become a regular and ongoing commitment. With your hot tub right at home, the preparation is easy, and it will become even easier to settle into your relaxed body and mind with every attempt.

Are you curious about the other benefits of home hot tubs? Hot tubs from Caldera Spas® are designed to help you enhance your lifestyle and routines for wellness. Visit your local dealer to get a better idea of the unique features for a balanced body-mind experience in the hot tub. For more information now, download a brochure or get local pricing.

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