What Do You Call Your Caldera?


So…what do you call it, a “hot tub” or a “spa?”

What’s the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

When you’re searching them online, you probably use “hot tub” to avoid finding a bunch of places that want to do your nails and place flat, warm rocks up and down your back.

But what do you call it the rest of the time? Hot tub? Spa? Maybe something else that reflects the rejuvenation you derive from it?

an image of a Caldera spa on a beautiful backyard patio with low maintenance and low cost

We know that most people still use the name “hot tub.”


Both “hot tub” and “spa” fall short of conveying the real power of our products. So what should we call it?

Where did the term hot tub orginate?

The term ‘hot tub’ reminds many people of the 1970s when the name came into being. Back then, many hot tubs looked like large barrels made of wood. Seats were benches, and jets, motors, heaters, insulation and water treatment were all in their infancy. Not that it mattered much, because hot tubs were more of a novelty and a party space, neither of which helped their reputation much.

The perceptions left over from those days are denying some people a great way to reclaim some peace of mind and many of the restorative benefits that hydrotherapy provides. If you ask people what they think of hot tubs, many will say that it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. But ask them if they’d like a way to enjoy passive exercise with elevated heart rate and lower blood pressure, or moments of peaceful relaxation and meditation, or time to reconnect with their children… suddenly they’re very interested. And that’s the main point. They’re not party tubs; they’re transformation tubs.

an image of a Caldera Utopia Tahitian best hot tub on a beautiful backyard patio with low maintenance and best price

Today’s Caldera® spas are quiet and well-insulated with highly energy efficient, performance motors and heaters.


What’s in a spa?

We know that most people still use the name “hot tub.” But at Caldera®, you’ll usually hear us calling it a ‘spa.’  That shouldn’t really be a surprise, considering how we design them and what our customers use them for. But even then, we still feel that the name “spa” falls short of describing the transformative power that it offers people who regularly use a Caldera spa.

They’re designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. Easing tired muscles. Reclaiming your peace of mind. Connecting to family. Our customers say their Caldera spas help with sleep, ease joint pain and increase their flexibility. In other words, all the things you’d expect if you spent the afternoon in an exclusive, expensive health spa with those flat stones. The biggest difference is that with a Caldera spa, you can treat yourself every day and enjoy the cumulative benefits.

The history of the spa or hot tub

While the perception of a spa/hot tub has changed since they first showed up, the understanding that they have amazing therapeutic value goes back centuries. The earliest hot tubs were calderas—volcanic depressions—in which hot stones were placed to heat the water. In fact, the remains of some spas date back six thousand years.

Thankfully, innovations in the industry and at Caldera (there’s that name again) have focused more on therapeutic benefits than on enhancing the product’s reputation as a party pool.

a family spends quality family time around the worlds best hot tub

They’re designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.


What makes the world’s best hot tub?

Today’s Caldera spas are quiet and well-insulated with highly efficient, performance motors and heaters. Operating costs are lower than ever, thanks to our focus on energy efficiency and our revolutionary FiberCor® insulation.

And when a customer comes to one of our showrooms, he or she is almost always interested in finding a way to relax, to loosen muscles, to reconnect to family members and to simply de-stress. They’re clearly looking for the ‘spa experience’ on a daily basis, so that the many benefits they can get can be accessed at any time.

So, call it what you will, but our focus will continue to give our customers a spa experience with all of the many benefits that come with hydrotherapy.

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