Where Should I Install My Hot Tub?

It’s up to you! Your new hot tub does need a solid foundation and easy access in and out of the spa. You can put your spa on a deck outside, in your backyard, or even in an indoor room – just make sure it’s properly ventilated with easy drainage.

When you’re thinking about your spa location, keep these things in mind:
– Place your spa a maximum of 10 feet away from the door to your backyard.
– The surface of your spa must be strong and level.
– Water needs a place to flow away from your spa. Proper drainage is key.
– Regular maintenance is important to the health of your spa. Place your spa so there’s easy access to the control panel.

Your dealer can help you plan for location and space requirements, surface base requirements, electrical supply and more. Read this helpful PDF on 9 Tips to Help Make Your Spa Installation a Success.

For more ideas on where to install your hot tub, read “How To Create Your Ideal Outdoor or Indoor Hot Tub Enclosure” and “How to Avoid Pitfalls in Your Backyard Hot Tub Design Project.”