Spa Spotlight: Tarino Model Hot Tub


an overhead view of the Vacanza Tarino model hot tub with Acquarella Waterfall and Ultramassage jetted lounge seat

With so many hot tub models available on the market, it is important that you find which spa is the perfect fit for you and your needs so you will enjoy the transformational benefits of warm water for years to come. This is exactly why, at Caldera® Spas, we decided to bring you our Spa Spotlight blog series. Each month, we will share innovative features about our models so you can discover the right hot tub to fit your lifestyle.

For our first Spa Spotlight, let us introduce you to the Vacanza® Tarino®:





Part of the Vacanza® Series hot tubs, our Tarino® model offers targeted hydromassage jets for therapeutic renewal at the greatest value. With 5 seats and 2 lounges, this is the perfect spa for a couple or small family. The Tarino® also offers:

  • 23 powerful hot tub massage jets

  • An Acquarella® hot tub waterfall water feature

  • Colored LED hot tub lights that illuminate the water

  • FiberCor® insulation that aids to keep the water hot with less energy

  • FROG® In-Line Water Care System that works to keep your hot tub water crystal clear

Do these specifications make the Tarino® the best hot tub for your home? Locate a hot tub dealer in your area today and discover why one owner is so happy with theirs:


5 star review out of a possible five stars5/5

Tarino is a world of improvement, innovation and comfort</p

“We just replaced a 12 year old hot tub with a new Tarino. Wow. We loved our old tub but the Tarino is a world of improvement and comfort.”
– Recook


Let’s take a moment to answer some commonly asked questions about mid-sized hot tubs from our readers:

How big is the average hot tub?

Hot tubs range in size from 2 seats to as many as 8 seats. Hot tub seats also come in different sizes and styles. Hot tub lounge seats are larger and some hot tub models have as many as two. The more seat you have and the more lounge seats you have, the larger the hot tub will be. We provide all of the size specifications for every model we sell on the individual model pages. In addition, for planning your hot tub installation, you can find architectural CAD drawings for each of our hot tubs that includes the hot tub dimensions for each model.



A large family enjoys the extra room and seats the come in a larger hot tub like the Utopia Cantabria
Large hot tub models like the Utopia® Cantabria® allow for quality family time and are best for parties or exercise.



How much will my electric bill go up when I buy a hot tub?

Energy costs to run a hot tub will vary depending on where you live, what season it is and how severe a winter you have. Electricity costs are measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) and every utility district sets their own prices which often change. Hot tub electricity consumption is also based on how much you use your hot tub, what temperature you keep it set at and how responsible you are at keeping your hot tub tightly closed when not in use. The R-value of the insulation that hot tub manufacturers put into their hot tubs and the insulative qualities of the hot tub cover also affect hot tub energy cost.

At Caldera we know that energy costs are always rising and that it is important to consider energy efficiency with an eye towards ecological reponsibility. That’s why the Tarino comes with a highly energy efficient pump; the ReliaFlo®, Dual-Speed 1.5 HP (3.2 BHP) pump. Remember that to keep your hot tub water healthy it is necessary to keep the water in motion for a certain amount of time on a daily basis, even when you are not using your hot tub. When you are not using your hot tub, the motors that power the hot tub massage jets get turned off saving electricity. A dual speed pump system like that found in the Tarino, will save you money over time. The dual speed pump on the Tarino will use the same amount of energy as a hot tub with a dedicated circulation pump. Some of the lesser quality hot tub models only come with a single speed pump that can be expensive to run.



A woman uses an energy efficient hot tub cover that can save money on your monthly electricity bill
A hot tub cover is a key element to the energy efficiency of your hot tub.
They hold in the heat when your hot tub is not in use.



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