4 Outdoor Activities To Enjoy This Weekend


Last week we shared a few tips on how to remain alert and productive at the office, but how many of us are guilty of spending too much time indoors on weekends? Probably too many! Between catching up on TV shows and the perpetual honey-do list, not only was I missing out on quality time in our hot tub, I was missing out on the many benefits of simply spending more time outdoors. To solve for this, my wife and I decided to add more balance to our weekend agenda by making a point to spend more time together outside of the house. Here are some refreshing and health-conscious activities we’ve come to enjoy.


    1. Take a Hike! Seriously. Whether you decide to explore a local trail or take a leisurely stroll through your own neighborhood, getting out for a walk can do wonders. For one, 30 minutes of cardio is no bad habit, but better yet, walks are a great opportunity to clear your mind or carry on a thoughtful conversation. And if you’re feeling extra fit, try going for 10,000 steps a day.


    1. Pack a Picnic. From the mountains to beach to your local park, picnics are a fun way to dine outdoors, while enjoying the company of family and friends – or maybe just a book. And if your backyard is your favorite way to enjoy nature, fire up the grill and host your own “picnic” at home!


    1. Go Fly a Kite. Well, maybe not a kite, but there are definitely better outdoor alternatives to billiards and bowling when the weather is nice. We recently discovered a public bocce ball court at our local park and have been meeting friends to play on Saturdays. Also, we’ve really enjoyed learning to play tennis. And while we haven’t passed the stage of repeatedly hitting tennis balls over the fence, practicing together has been a lot of fun.


  1. Find the Perfect Patio. With consumer review websites and geo-location apps like Yelp and Foursquare, finding the best outdoor dining options in your area has never been easier. Next time you’re planning a night out, find the place with the best outdoor patio!

Now that we have a rekindled appreciation for enjoying the perks of summer weather, there’s nothing quite like retiring for a rejuvenating dip in our hot tub after an eventful day outdoors – especially after a few rounds on the tennis court. What are your favorite ways to enjoy the summer weather? Share your favorite activities in the comments below!

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