Backyard Hot Tub Delivers Wellness to a Team Member

When team members spend their working hours focused on making Caldera® spas the best they can be, it’s natural they would want one of their own. In fact, anytime a new employee is hired, everyone in the office knows it won’t be long before they start browsing the models for their perfect fit!

Renee Neville, Manager of Operating Systems and Continuous Improvement for Watkins Wellness, is no exception! Watkins Wellness is the parent company of Caldera Spas, and Renee’s department is dedicated to enhancing manufacturing and support for the Watkins family of products- including Caldera Spas.

Ready to Realize the Health Benefits of Hot Tubbing.

When Renee joined Watkins Wellness® in 2016, she had never given hot tubs much thought. Sure, she and her family enjoyed lounging in a hotel spa after a day at the pool, but it wasn’t until she learned about the wellness benefits that health-conscious Renee vowed to make hot tubbing part of her family’s daily ritual.

The Six-Seater Geneva® Model Spa Has Plenty of Room for Entertaining

A Luxurious Six-Seater Hot Tub with Room for Everyone.

When Renee and her husband were deciding on their perfect hot tub, they knew they wanted one with plenty of room for socializing with friends and family. Confident they’d be enjoying their Caldera spa for years to come, they decided to invest in a luxury model with seating for six, a comfortable lounge, and multi-speaker entertainment system. The Geneva® model from Caldera Spas Utopia® Series checked all the boxes! After arranging for a test soak, the neck massage in the Geneva left no doubt that this was the best hot tub for the Neville family.

The Neville Family Embraces their New Daily Ritual.

We asked Renee what she liked most about her hot tub haven, and she didn’t have to think long. "Honestly, my favorite thing about having a spa is the ability to get rid of those aches and pains and stretch them out in the comfort of our own backyard! We used to put up with soreness between chiropractor and massage therapist appointments, but now we can get relief whenever we need it."

She went on to describe how owning a spa has transformed their nightly ritual. "For us, spa time is in the evening, when my husband and I are both ready to unwind and debrief after a long day. Just twenty minutes helps melt away stress and makes it so easy to get a good night’s sleep!"

Weekends offer up a little more time to relax. "My husband and I look forward to a longer soak on Saturday evenings. We pour some wine, turn on the music system, and gaze up at the stars. Different seats target different stress points and offer different massages, so sometimes we rotate around the spa taking turns on the different features of each seat, making sure we hit all the tight muscle spots. Other times, it’s about connecting and talking without distractions and about giving each other our undivided attention."

A Source of Inspiration and Meaningful Conversations.

Renee knew all about the wellness benefits of owning a Caldera spa before she purchased her own, but was pleasantly surprised by how much easier it was for her and her husband to enjoy deep conversations while relaxing in warm water. She also hadn’t anticipated how inspired they would be to make additional improvements to their home and outdoor space, and how much fun the whole family would have brainstorming their next project while they soaked.

Expert Tips for First Time Hot Tub Owners.

Renee spends every day working on improving the experience for Watkins Wellness customers, and she offers some simple tips for keeping spa water fresh, sparkling, and sanitary. "Definitely go with the Freshwater ® Salt System and follow the startup instructions carefully! After that it’s easy! I love getting into the hut tub without the harsh smell and that drying feeling of being in overly chlorinated water. The salt system makes maintenance simple and soaking that much more enjoyable."

Renee’s Hydrotherapy Ritual Keeps Her Feeling Young and Flexible!

Renee shared some final thoughts about the Caldera Spas’ mission to help people lead a better quality of life.

" I absolutely love working for Watkins Wellness and totally identify with the mission. I consider myself to be in really good shape for my age, and my hot tub is a big part of that. Stretching in the hot tub helps to keep me limber so that I can continue to do more. It’s like an age reversing formula. What ages us is the inability to move like we used to, and the hot tub helps us stay active and fit. When we’re in the hot tub, my husband and I loosen up our muscles by sitting in the seat which targets any aches and pains, then we’ll stretch out all the muscles. It’s stretching without pain!"

To Create Your Own Wellness Ritual, Contact a Dealer Today.

If the Neville family’s wellness journey has you longing for a hot tub haven of your own, your local Caldera Spas dealer can help make your dream a reality. Contact your local dealer to arrange for a virtual tour, or arrange for a test soak. With so many models to choose from, there’s one that’s a perfect fit for your family, and your lifestyle!

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