Give—And Get—The Gift Of Renewal This Season


It’s coming up fast—that time of year when we start thinking about what we are going to give, get and do for the holidays. I’m already making lists and plans, gearing up for the gifting and get-togethers. But, as a devoted hot tubber, I know that one of the best gifts I can give my family, friends and myself is the gift of renewal and shared experiences that come from time in a spa.

Stress during the holidays can snowball, and we all know how that feels: A season of joy and togetherness can end up feeling frustrating or overwhelming

 Fortunately there’s a healthy antidote to holiday stress. If you want to feel calm, merry and full of cheer during the festivities, there’s hope. In fact, the solutions are fairly simple. Medical experts suggest you can beat the holiday blues simply by taking a walk or stargazing, sticking to healthy habits, and taking time to do something you enjoy. It’s not a complicated formula, really. Just find simple ways to clear your mind and reinvigorate your holiday joy.

What’s more enjoyable than the gift of 20 precious minutes every day in a hot tub?

A cost-effective gift.
With everyone watching their finances these days, gift giving has to be thoughtful, and well planned. What could be better than a gift the entire family will enjoy? A hot tub for the holidays could initiate new resolutions the family can stick to for the coming year, like spending quality time together. Just 20-minutes of family time in the spa a few days a week leads to better communication and is an ideal time for restorative, quite moments. All of this can be possible with the single, shared gift of a family hot tub.

A hot tub truly is the gift that keeps on giving; you’ll be enjoying it come spring and summer and well into next year—and the years after that!

Memories made easy.

Another great aspect of hot tubbing during the holidays is that it’s a wonderful place to make memories. Some ideas include:

  • A post-Thanksgiving respite. After the relatives have cleared out and the dishes are (finally) all done, unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind. Letting stress fall by the wayside and taking time for yourself will help you remember this once-a-year feast more fondly.
  • During school break, designate one or two nights as “hot tub night” for the whole family.  Serve cocoa and let the hot tub be a natural vessel for conversation. If you have kids away at college, this is a great time to reconnect and catch up, hear about old and new friends, and ask about goals for the coming semester.
  • For New Year’s Eve, plan a quiet, romantic evening under the stars. Talk about all of the highlights of the past year. Focus on optimism and feelings of gratitude, and make healthy resolutions for the coming year. Ring in the New Year with serenity!

Mind and body benefits.

All of these ideas are great gifts of emotional well being we can give each other and ourselves. But we also know that the physical benefits of hot tubbing are undeniable. Heart health and physical health are nurtured by the warmth and weightlessness you feel in your hot tub.

The holidays can take a toll our backs and feet with hours spent shopping, cooking, and running around to complete the finishing touches on celebratory meals, decorations, and gifts. Our heads and hearts don’t get a chance to slow down, and relationships may get overlooked during the stress of planning and socializing.

Twenty minutes in the restorative waters of your Caldera spa can make the difference between a miserable stressful holiday and a peaceful one.

I’m sure you have a long list of to-dos piling up even as you read this. Add hot tub time to your holiday to-do list and gift-giving list—you won’t regret it! Enjoy yourself!

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