Hot Tub Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain Caused by Technology Use

Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives that for some, it's starting to take its toll on their physical health. If you're like many people, you spend hours a day hunched over laptops, tablets and other devices with your shoulders rolled forward, straining your eyes and muscles to get closer to those all-engrossing screens. Between a hunched posture and the mental stress of work and daily life, tension can build up day after day and result in near-constant aches and pains. Even slight discomfort can make it difficult to sleep and discourage you from healthy physical activity. So, it's important to find relief from technology-induced pain. One possible source of relief is a hot tub. Hot tubs can provide therapeutic relief through the transformative power of hydrotherapy. Discover how you can use your hot tub to alleviate discomfort and improve your overall well-being.

How to use a hot tub for neck and shoulder pain

Your muscles will feel and perform their best when they are relaxed, elongated and have solid circulation for healthy blood flow. A proactive and soothing regimen of flowing movement, stretches, heat therapy and rest can help open up your muscles and prevent the pain associated with technology use. Sticking to such a wellness plan can also improve your posture and help you maintain an active lifestyle by breaking up muscle tension and promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Here are some tips for integrating a hot tub into your daily routine for better pain relief and work-life balance:

1. Soak for 20 minutes every day

Making hot tub sessions part of your daily ritual is the best way to get consistent relief from your most troublesome physical ailments. Soak in the morning to warm and loosen your muscles for the day, or in the evening to refresh your body and refocus after a day at work. You can also double down and take time out for hot tub hydrotherapy in the morning and evening to better integrate self-care with your productive work life.

2. Create a relaxing home spa environment

To get the most out of your hydrotherapy hot tub, you need to commit to the experience. This means taking steps to craft the perfect spa environment. Set aside distractions like your phone, grab a glass of water, turn on some peaceful music or just listen to the soothing sounds of the bubbling hot tub as you strive for mindfulness and true relaxation.

3. Adjust your jets

Caldera jets are designed to target one unique muscle group at a time for focused and effective hydrotherapy. Spend time getting to know your spa and the many options available for a jetted massage. Then, when you're ready for your 20-minute soak, all you have to do is dial-in the massage you need in that moment for neck and shoulder pain relief.

4. Stretch in your hot tub

Sometimes, all you want to do is sit back and relax in your spa. But to relieve neck and shoulder pain, it's a good idea to use your hot tub for stretching as well. The heat from the water will relax your muscles and make it easier to stretch even the tightest areas of your body. By stretching in your hot tub once a day, you can expand your range of motion in your neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. A greater range of motion can support healthier posture and help prevent further tension from building up in your muscles.

What a hydrotherapy hot tub brings to your life

A hot tub can do more than just relieve neck pain brought on by technology use. It can truly change the way you approach certain aspects of your life by helping you feel better both physically and mentally. Here are just some of the ways your home hot tub can help you feel renewed, rejuvenated and reconnected.

Renewal benefits

  • A personal retreat, your home spa is just steps away
  • A welcome opportunity to unplug from electronic devices and be present in the moment
  • An evening soak helps your body relax and signals that it's time to rest, improving sleep patterns

Rejuvenation rewards

  • Improved circulation and energy for the day
  • A variety of jets offer a total body massage
  • Relax muscles and joints that are tired and sore
  • Support exercise routines and an overall active lifestyle

Reconnection advantages

  • Quality time with the people who mean the most to you
  • Recommit to self-care routines and the benefits of slowing down

If near-constant technology use is causing you neck pain or other physical discomfort, the answer is simple. A daily soak in a hot tub can not only provide pain relief, but it's a true progressive solution for reducing stress and finding balance in your life, work and relationships. As you continue to pursue your health and wellness goals, consider adding a home spa to support healthy habits and provide relaxing, rejuvenating self-care.

Caldera Spas focuses on wellness first . Our hot tubs are designed with genuine relaxation, relief and connection as the end goals. To find out how a Caldera spa might fit into and enhance your healthy lifestyle, reach out to your knowledgeable local dealer. You can also get local pricing or a downloadable brochure.

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