The Best Hot Tub for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Experiencing stress on a regular basis can negatively affect your health and overall well-being. Stress can lead to fatigue, aches, digestive issues, insomnia, and other sleep problems, as well as anxiety and a variety of mood disturbances. Luckily, practices such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga, and mindfulness help to alleviate your stress response and the tension that results. A hot tub facilitates many of these positive practices, promoting relaxation through warm water immersion, the experience of buoyancy, and targeted hydromassage.

How Do Hot Tubs Promote Relaxation and Stress Relief?

When you're immersed in warm water, buoyancy takes some of the gravitational pressure off of your body, allowing you to relax more deeply. Hot tub jet massage relieves tension directly, loosening up your muscles to help avoid unnecessary stiffness and strain during daily activities.

Hot tubs and even natural hot springs have been used for stress relief and overall wellness for ages. More recently, researchers have explored the measurable physical effects of soaking in warm water, and the implications they have for our well-being. The National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute conducted a study in which participants' vitals were monitored as they soaked in hot tubs set to various temperatures. The participants who soaked for 24 minutes in 102-degree water—a widely recommended temperature setting—experienced changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration that tend to lead to greater relaxation.

When you lower your stress level, you can increase your energy, improve the quality of your sleep, better manage your weight, strengthen your immune response, improve your mood and clarity of mind, and enjoy more connected relationships. In fact, your hot tub offers a great opportunity to share quality time with your friends and family. Because hot tub stress relief invites calm and allows you to be more present in the moment, you may experience deeper conversations and positive growth in your relationships.

Hot Tub Features That Inspire Relaxation

Hot tubs have long been used for relaxation, but revolutionary new hot tub designs and technologies have taken stress relief to a new level. Today's best brands have upped the game when it comes to providing you with the opportunity for daily water immersion and renewal—right in your backyard. Here are the most important features to look for when considering the best hot tubs for ultimate relaxation:

Immersion and Comfort

Immersion and Comfort

For the most relaxing experience, look for a hot tub with an ergonomic design that matches the body and lounging preferences of those using it—everyone should be able to fully immerse in the water and have plenty of space to stretch out. The more comfortable your hot tub is, the more often you'll use it, and the more value you'll get out of your investment. Once you narrow down your choices, visit your nearby showroom to sit in different tubs and perhaps request a test soak. By experiencing the feel of a spa's size, depth, and seats, you'll be sure you've found the best option for your investment and for your lifestyle.

Intuitive Controls

Intuitive Controls

Your home spa provides an opportunity to design a personalized relaxation practice every day. To optimize your relaxing soak, enhance your comfort, and set the mood, you'll want full control of the hot tub's temperature, jet, water feature, and lighting settings. The ideal control panel is intuitive, allowing you to make changes quickly and easily.

Superior Jet Performance

Superior Jet Performance

To achieve significant muscle relaxation, you'll need jets that are powerful enough to deliver deep, targeted massages, and that are strategically located around the ergonomic seats to best affect intended muscle groups. Don't be distracted by fancy-looking jets that don't provide a quality hydro-massage and aren't backed by superior technology. Dealers are hot tub experts, who can qualify jet performance and offer you a demonstration.

Caldera Spas: The Best Hot Tubs for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Your new hot tub can rejuvenate your life if you choose the perfect one for relaxation and stress relief. Caldera Spas® wraps all the best features for relaxation into powerful hot tub models suited to diverse preferences and lifestyles. For example, you may opt for a fully accessorized hot tub large enough to accommodate your whole family or your many friends, or you might choose an impressive model to suit only yourself and your partner. Regardless of the Caldera model you choose, you'll not only enjoy relaxing soaks, but also stress-free maintenance and cleaning.

 Innovative hot tub design gives you the most relaxing, comfortable soak

Immersive Comfort

Pure Comfort® innovation starts with seats sculpted for total-body support and relaxation. Hot tub jets are most effective when your body is optimally positioned and not lifted off the seat by the force of the jets. Explore the Utopia Spa® series for its exceptional yet quiet performance, expertly designed lounge seats, and optimized jet-massage effects.

An intuitive control panel gives you full personalization of your relaxing hot tub soak.

Intuitive Control Panel

Inspired by you, the Caldera control panel allows for full customization of your spa experience for the most relaxing soak. Primary controls for water temperature, jets, lights, and cleaning are featured on the panel face, so there's no need to scroll through menus to personalize your daily soak.

Relaxing hot tub jets massage the tension out of your muscles.

Jets Built for Relaxing Massage

Power is only part of the picture when considering the best hot tub jets for muscle recovery and stress relief. Caldera spas feature a variety of jet types and sizes that offer various massage styles to target your muscle groups in different ways. Some jets use forceful pressure to bring relief to larger muscles; other jets offer a pulsating flow to gently alleviate tension. The ideal hot tub provides diverse massage experiences, so you can customize your soak from day to day. Caldera brings that unique freedom home.

Hot tub aromatherapy welcomes relaxation and stress relief.

Home Spa Aromatherapy

Without compromising the water composition and purity of your Caldera spa, you can enjoy built-in aromatherapy of your choice of scent with the Monarch MPS Plus® non-chlorine oxidizer. It's the perfect therapeutic companion to your relaxing spa day.

A hot tub waterfall helps set the mood for relaxation.

Lights and Water Features

Enhance the mood of your warm, massaging soak with LED spa lighting in different colors. The Utopia series features lights inside and outside the hot tub. Caldera spas are also available with waterfall features to expand your sensory experience. These ambient features can be adjusted from the control panel to design your ideal soak, day or night.

 Hot tub maintenance is easy and stress-free with Caldera Spas.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Utopia and Paradise spas are equipped with the FreshWater® Salt System and Vacanza spas are equipped with Spa Frog® @Ease Inline Spa Sanitizing System. Requiring fewer chemicals and simple maintenance, such as monthly replacement of the SmartChlor cartridge, the @Ease system keeps your water clear and comfortable with minimal monitoring and care.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®

When your active lifestyle demands a deep massage to reduce tension and aid in muscle recovery, Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® is exactly what you need. Just as a personal trainer might use circuit training to guide you through a full-body workout, jets strategically placed around specially designed seats target one muscle group at a time for a deep hydromassage for the whole body. And, of course, you can control the jets' intensity to personalize your spa experience. No matter where you ache, Caldera hot tubs have a massage seat to bring you relief.

Dedicate 20 Minutes Each Day to Hot Tub Relaxation

When you own a hot tub, you not only look forward to a daily deep massage or a quiet meditative soak, but also begin to relax even before you step foot in the warm water. Enjoying soak every day is as easy as lifting the spa cover and climbing in. A hot tub can help you experience total relaxation and approach life's stressors calmly and with more awareness, so you can be your very best self.

Your search for the best hot tub begins with your personal vision for relaxation. Your local hot tub dealer can point you in the direction of models that have the specifications and features you need to bring that vision to life. Plan a visit today, or request a brochure or a local quote.