How To Motivate Yourself For A Cool Winter Workout

Winter means shorter days and getting up in the dark. It means cold temperatures, rain, snow, or the dreaded “wintry mix” when all you crave is the warmth of the sun.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t like working out in winter weather. And when it’s cold and dark, I am not the type to enthusiastically hop out of bed for a pre-dawn run.

But, with my Caldera spa in my corner, I find the extra push I need.

I know that after a power walk, tennis match or an intense workout, I can slip into the warm water and give my whole body a restorative post-workout massage. I can reinvigorate my muscles and warm myself up the most efficient way possible.

Knowing my Caldera spa awaits is the key to a wonderful new workout routine—one that will last throughout the year.  

Here are some other tips we find helpful for maintaining winter workout motivation:

Invest wisely.
Celebrity fitness trainer Lacey Stone says, “Buy the right workout apparel. “ Keeping as warm and dry as possible will help make your workout more comfortable and will help excuse-proof your routine. “You don’t want to stop just because of the elements,” says Stone.

Or, hand your workout over to a professional. Investing in a personal trainer during the colder months will keep you on track and accountable. And, you might even learn a new fitness routine you can do on your own when summer comes.

Rest up.
Feel like you just can’t get up in the morning? You are not alone. Darkness prompts our bodies to produce sleep-inducing melatonin.  When you try to resist your body’s natural hibernation instinct by getting up before sunrise, you’re left with feeling something similar to jet lag.

If moving your workout until after sunrise isn’t possible, Alfred Lewy, MD, a sleep and mood disorder researcher at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, suggests going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night over four weeks. Set an alarm for bed time and avoid the computer or TV for an hour before.

The extra rest will boost your energy and your mood, leaving you ready to tackle your next work out.

Warm up
Rather than jumping right into your workout, warm up your muscles to avoid injury. Amanda Brooks, fitness nutrition specialist and personal trainer, recommends starting with a series of dynamic movements such as hip circles, knee circles, and squats rather that static stretching to increase circulation. 

Pin up some inspiration.
When the darkest, dreariest days are upon us, it’s hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner. But, if you measure the months in terms of getting “swimsuit ready,” the time suddenly seems very short.

Pick an inspirational picture and put it on the fridge. Or, start your own Pinterest board of healthy imagery, including people exercising or summery clothing you want to wear to show off toned arms and legs.

What’s your secret for staying motivated to exercise in the winter? Share it in the comments below.


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