A Special Kind Of Love: Caldera Spas Hot Tubs Give Back


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A Caldera hot tub is built to love you. It’s true. It’s carefully crafted, designed to comfort and cradle you, it looks beautiful, and, it’s made to last. Everything about it was engineered and considered by people who love hot tubbing, so others could share the wonderful benefits.

We thought it would be fun to discuss all the ways our Caldera hot tubs “love” us back—the amazing benefits, some completely unexpected—that make Caldera hot tub ownership such a joy.

Here are 6 ways a Caldera hot tub loves you:

It can give you a full-body massage. And it gets right to the “tough spots.” With multiple jets and different power levels at which to set them, you can get a personalized, full-body massage just by moving from seat to seat. And you don’t have to leave home or leave a tip!

It comforts your body and your mind. Doctors recognize the mind-body connection. When the body relaxes, the mind follows, and vice versa. Tension builds throughout the body—my shoulders and neck come to mind—all day as we work, care for family or exercise (or, more realistically, as we do all three!). Get mind-body relief in just 20 minutes a day.

It can help you make healthy choices. Your Caldera spa is a reminder that you can and should take time for you. And as you use it, you might just see health benefits in other areas of your life. It’s a chain reaction of the very best kind.

It’s not hard to maintain. With Caldera spas, maintenance is easy and you have access to tools and accessories that make it even easier. We believe that your hot tub should not be a source of your stress.

It’s a gathering place. What could be better than sharing some time with the ones who mean the most to you? Your Calera hot tub is a warm, private sanctuary where you can chat and reconnect. And as each of you unwinds, you’re able to communicate and enjoy each other more.

It’s good for your heart. Actually, regular hot tubbing is great for your entire circulatory system! Warm water can increase your heart rate by 21.5 beats per minute allowing your body to experience passive exercise – without even needing to head to the gym. Additionally, the hydrostatic pressure you experience while being enveloped in water will cause your circulatory system to function better.

We have heard owners say that they love their Caldera spa for many reasons. If you have a story, we’d love for you to share it. Tell us why you love your Caldera spa – or how it “shows you the love.”

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