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Marino Vacanza Series Spa
Column A
360 View
6 Adults
7' x 7' x 36"
35 Jets
Column B


Six adults fit comfortably in the Marino, a popular Vacanza® Series spa with 35 hydromassage jets and a surprising range of features that make caring for and enjoying your hot tub a simple pleasure.

"We spend more time together, and have made our back yard a piece of paradise…We love everything about our spa."

—Cowles Mt. Hiker, San Diego, CA
My retreat~~everyday~~
I love my spa~~had another type for 13 years~~but this Caldera spa is much more user friendly~~i use it every day~~first thing in the morning ~~just lay back and let the jets work their magic~~and in the evening back in again~~and relax~~so far we have had no problems~~easy to maintain~~and seems to be very easy on the electric bill~~~would recomened this to anyone~~my daughter and son in law purchased one after useing ours~~
April 8, 2013
Love our Spa !!!
We got our Spa last March and we've been loving it.
September 12, 2014
Excellent Spa
We have had our spa for about three months now and we thoroughly enjoy it. We have some health challenges and getting into the spa for therapy has been extremely helpful. Our grandchildren love to come over and enjoy the spa. With small grandchildren, the lock down features are greatly appreciated. We are pleased to see how economical it is. We expected higher power bills, but the amounts were lower than we anticipated. The only challenge we have had is learning how to regulate the chemicals.
September 10, 2014
New morning tradition
Every morning we use our hot tub and drink a cup of coffee. What a way to start your day! It is energy efficient, only increasing my electric bill about $10/month. I know others who purchased their hot tub from a home improvement store and cannot use their spa due to the large increase to their energy bill. The chemicals are easy to add and I purchased a paradise spa vacuum to clean the seats of grit - what an easy chore. It seats 4-5 larger adults comfortably or about 6 teenagers. Now my back feels better, my pocket book did not take a large hit, and my husband and I have a new morning tradition.
September 9, 2014
Great tub
We really like our tub. It's much better than the other one we had. It's more energy efficient and we love the changing lights in this one.
September 8, 2014
perfect size, 400 gallons is pretty easy to maintain. love it. we only go in naked.
This was the best bang for the buck at the time. Perfect size, and very intimite! Enjoy it more without ANY articles of clothing!
September 6, 2014
Marino Hot Tub
This hot tub is the best one i've ever been in;It has lots of spacious room;Very Easy to clean.The lounger in it is the best;The jets are very strong for your your tired and sore muscles; I have just moved mine from outside to inside a room so its going to be so much better;The sales people have been Great;
September 6, 2014
Backyard Luxury
It's been nearly two years since we took delivery of our Marino spa by Caldera. We use the spa at least three times a week. We used to book a hotel every once in a while to enjoy relaxing a bit and using a hot tub. Now we just step out our back door and mmmmmmmm! we're in the lap of luxury and we can sleep in our own bed. The spa has performed like a charm, without one hitch since we plugged it in.
September 5, 2014
Tech Specs
Seating Capacity
7' x 7' x 36"
Water capacity
360 gallons / 1,363 liters
Weight (Dry)
836 lbs.
Weight (Filled)
4,888 lbs.*
Hydromassage Jets
3 AdaptaSsage® jets, 5 AdaptaFlo® jets, 27 Euro jets
Jet Pumps
2 ReliaFlo® 1.5 HP; (3.2 BHP**); 1 dual-speed, 1 single-speed
Control System
Solid-state electronic with LED display
Heater Output
4,000 watt
Electrical Requirements
230v/50amp, 60Hz
GFCI Sub-Panel
Filter Size
65 sq. ft.
FROG Water Care System
Monarch CD Ozone System
Available option
Water Feature
Acquarella® waterfall
Caldera Entertainment Options
Wireless sound system with Bluetooth technology, wireless In-home Dock, Wireless TV
Mulit-color LED Lighting
Ten multi-color points-of-light, interior (dimmable)
Energy Efficiency
Fully-insulated with FiberCor™ material, 2 lb. density; Certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law
Insulating Cover
3.5" to 2.5" tapered, 2 lb.-density foam core
Spa Shell and EcoTech® Cabinet Options
Champagne Opal, White Pearl or White Sands with Coastal Gray, Espresso or Redwood, Tuscan Sun with Coastal Gray or Espresso
Cover Lifter (Optional)
ProLift®, ProLift II, ProLift III, or ProLift IV
Steps (Optional)
EcoTech® or Polymer in Coastal Gray, Espresso or Redwood
  • *Filled weight includes the weight of the occupants assuming an average weight of 175 lbs.
  • **Brake Horsepower (BHP) is the horsepower a pump motor achieves for a brief period upon start-up.