What Should I Know About Using A Swimsuit In My Hot Tub?

When it comes to swimsuits and your hot tub, there are a few basic things to consider. Read below to get your questions answered. If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below and we’ll answer them for you!

1. Should I have a separate swimsuit just for my hot tub?

It’s not a bad idea. You probably don’t want to use a suit that’s been at the lake or the ocean, because you don’t want to bring minerals or even biological agents into your hot tub. Suits you use at the pool or lake will also tend to accumulate lotion or sunscreen, which will also compromise the quality of the water in hot tubs. This can also cost you more money and time trying to keep your water healthy and properly balanced. The whole point of hot tub water care and filtration is to eliminate unwanted contaminants.

a couple enjoys easier hot tub water care maintenance without laundry detergent
Consider wearing a dedicated bathing suit for hot tub use only.

2. Will hot tub chemicals damage my swimsuit?

Hot tub chemicals can be tough on a suit over time. It’s a good idea to choose a suit that’s made with durable fabrics such as nylon. Suits that contain a larger blend of Lycra® spandex will tend to show wear much more quickly, especially in hot tubs that use chlorine systems.

a large family rinses their swim suits well before using the hot tub
Ask your friends to rinse their swimsuits well before using your hot tub.

3. Will my bathing suit fade in the hot tub?

Even swimsuits made with synthetic fabrics will fade over time if chlorine is used as a sanitizer, but much less so than fabrics made from natural fibers. The FROG @ease ® In-line System, the standard treatment in the Vacanza Series spas, is not harsh on fabrics. Treatments used by other hot tub brands may tend to be more detrimental to fabrics and seams.

a group of friends learns that laundry soap and detergent is detrimental to hot tub water quality
As long as you hang your swim suit to dry after use in your hot tub it is not necessary to launder it.

4. Should I use an old swimsuit in my hot tub?

Great idea, especially if you don’t care about the fashion of the moment. Make sure your suit is thoroughly rinsed before use. It’s also a good idea to rinse your suit after every use, but if it’s an old one, you won’t feel terribly guilty if you just hang it up to dry.

a couple wears old swim suits in their hot tub after rinsing well
It is okay to wear old swimsuits in your hot tub but be sure to rinse them very well beforehand.

5. How should I wash my hot tub bathing suit?

Short answer, don’t. The sanitizing agents that keep your hot tub water fresh and clean will do the same for your suit. The action of a washer and the heat of the dryer will also decrease the life of your suit. It’s always a good idea to hand rinse and line dry, but if you forget to rinse, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just make sure you hang it up to dry.

A wet suit that’s stuffed in a bag or tossed on the floor can develop mold and mildew; problems that aren’t good for you or your hot tub.

When you launder your swimsuit, you’ll quickly discover that not all the detergent is rinsed from it. As a result, you’ll notice foam building up in your hot tub when you turn on the hot tub massage jets. If you must launder your suit, rinse, rinse and rinse before use. Better yet, just don’t launder it or at least launder it alone without any detergent or fabric softeners.

a woman easily opens her hot tub cover lifter
Shower before you use your hot tub to reduce hot tub water maintenance costs and save time.

6. What about my friend’s swimsuits when they use my hot tub?

You should suggest that they rinse their suits well before using your hot tub to remove as much detergent as possible. Even though it’s never as much fun to put on a wet swimsuit, it’s hardly an unreasonable request.

a woman discusses the best hot tub water care system with her husband
Rinse swimsuits after use in your hot tub and then hang to line dry.

7. Why is it important to shower before and after I use my hot tub?

If you truly want to conserve water and save time and money on hot tub water maintenance then you should always shower before using your hot tub. By rinsing off bodily residue as well as health and beauty care products before you use your hot tub you will maximize the life of your hot tub water and require fewer water changes in your hot tub.

It’s a good idea to shower after you use your hot tub to rinse away any residual hot tub chemicals.

a woman soaks in her hot tub confident in the expert advice about hot tub water care maintenance
With over 40 years of manufacturing and sales we are the hot tub water care maintenance experts.

8. Where can I find more information about hot tub water maintenance?

Here are links to some excellent articles that will help you manage your hot tub water care more easily, more affordably and more conservatively.

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 Are you comfortable asking friends to rinse their suits before entering your hot tub? When’s the last time you bought a new swimsuit? How often do you launder your swimsuit?

We’d like to hear about your own experiences in the comments below.