Easy Spa Maintenance Made Simpler Than Ever

Today’s spas are all about an experience that delivers rejuvenation, therapeutic massage and reconnection to family and friends. At the core of all those benefits is the sense of total relaxation, both physical and mental. It’s a letting-down process that dissolves muscular stress and delivers peace of mind.

So doesn’t it make sense that the spa delivering your relaxation shouldn’t add yet another demanding obligation to your day? Ideally, owning a spa should be as carefree as possible and require very little work. The way we see, the easier it is to maintain your spa, the more likely you’ll be to use it.

With that goal in mind, Caldera has created spas that offer a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience while reducing spa maintenance as much as possible. From water treatment to the spa exterior, each component is designed to make ownership easy, leaving you time to enjoy your spa without the worry.

Sparkling Water Made Easy

Any spa water treatment system requires some effort and at least some sort of learning curve. Yet we’ve worked hard to reduce that effort and simplify the process by offering a choice of two easy water-care systems.

The Integrated FROG® Water Care System

The FROG system, standard on Caldera Spa models, is bromine and mineral based, and it’s integrated into the shell of the spa where it continuously treats the water. Rather than measuring out chemicals, color-coded cartridges are simply replaced periodically. The cartridges are adjusted with a simple dial so you can set the amount of bromine and minerals to be released, depending on how often you use your spa. Regular water testing and the occasional addition of other chemicals is necessary, but the FROG system makes it easy to step into crystal clear water whenever you’re ready to use your spa.

The Monarch Water Care System

The Monarch water system (standard on Utopia® models) contains a CD-Ozone unit that continually injects ozone bubbles into the water to neutralize contaminants. As part of the system, easy-to-replace silver-ion cartridges that last four months continuously oxydize the water. Simply treat the water with MPS oxidizer after each use and add chlorine weekly.

The Spa Exterior

Early spas usually had an exterior cabinet built of redwood or cedar that were pest- and water-resistant. But despite these natural benefits, these types of wood can warp and bow and eventually require labor-intensive refinishing in order to restore their natural beauty.

At Caldera, we offer a beautiful alternative that requires little to no maintenance. Our EcoTech® cabinets are made with reinforced polymers. They offer the grain and texture of wood, yet they’re far more durable and require only an occasional wipe-down. That’s all. You get wood’s aesthetic appeal in a choice of three colors (Coastal Gray, Espresso, and Redwood) without the extra work.

The Utopia® Series Geneva® and Niagara® models are also available with the option of a StoneScape cabinet that offers the beauty of natural stone.

Additional Relaxation

When you own a spa, peace of mind also comes from the knowledge that help is available whenever you need it. Have a question about water maintenance? Have an issue that needs to be resolved? Your local Caldera dealer is ready and willing to assist you before, during and long after the purchase. Find your nearest Caldera dealer here.

And Caldera warranties are among the best in the industry. We’ll work with you to promptly resolve any issues you may encounter.

As a result of our efforts to reduce maintenance and deliver peace of mind, you’ll be free to enjoy your spa any time for exactly the reasons you purchased it in the first place: relaxation, rejuvenation and your overall well-being.