Hot Tub Health Benefits Vs. Price

If you’ve ever gone on vacation and stayed at a home or a hotel with a hot tub, you likely took the opportunity to enjoy a few soaks and the wellness benefits a spa provides. Perhaps you spent mornings relaxing in the spa while taking in the views or enjoying a cup of coffee. You may have enjoyed the experience so much that you’re now thinking of purchasing a home spa.

A home spa is a significant investment, however, so weighing the many hot tub health benefits vs. price is a smart move. As you learn more about the advantages of hydrotherapy and the opportunities a home spa provides to improve well-being and even family relationships, you’ll soon discover that it’s well worth the cost.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Soothes Body Aches

A home hot tub offers the benefits of hydromassage anytime. Regardless of size, a spa’s jets and pumps, combined with the buoyancy of warm water, helps relieve the pressure on muscles and loosen joints, while also improving circulation.

Even a two-person hot tub, such as the Aventine® spa in the Vacanza ® Series by Caldera ®, is equipped with 14 jets and a 1.5 horsepower pump, which offer hot water immersion and gentle massages across the back and shoulders and even down to the soles of your feet. The larger Palantino ® spa, also in the Vacanza Series, offers six seats, including a lounger. You can choose different configurations of jets to enjoy hot tub circuit therapy—different types of massage based on where you sit in the spa.

Learn more about the many spas offered by Caldera.

Hot tub hydro-therapy is also a great benefit to everyday athletes, urban dwellers who need to take rejuvenating breaks from busy city life, and seniors who want to remain spry. A hot tub can help relieve aches and pains to get you back to doing what you love—whatever that might be.

Discover the many hot tub health benefits and learn why it’s hard to put a price on feeling great.

Meaningful Conversations With Loved Ones are Priceless

A home hot tub means time with your family and friends without distractions or interruptions from mobile devices. It offers opportunities to catch up and renew relationships daily, whether you want to reconnect with your partner or have more open conversations with your teenager. Older kids often struggle with peer pressure and meeting unrealistic expectations, and those struggles can be exacerbated by social media. A home spa can offer a respite and provide parents with priceless opportunities to have supportive conversations with their teens.

A hot tub in your backyard can also be the centerpiece of family celebrations and a private refuge used with meditation or to simply relax alone with a great book or your favorite music.

Watch the video below to discover how to begin the research process to be a confident spa shopper.

Hot Tub Cost Doesn’t Have to be a Barrier to Wellness

Hot tubs are available in a variety of price ranges. So, finding a hydro therapeutic spa that fits your budget is possible. Cost depends on a number of factors, including size, style, performance features, and options. You can purchase a Caldera hot tub at the low end of the price spectrum for around $7,000. A large Caldera spa with all the bells and whistles can cost over $13,000.

Pricing can also vary based on where you live, the hot tub warranty and service plans offered through your dealer, and the type of installation. As you do your research, remember to consider all of the ways you’ll benefit from a new spa and the years of enjoyment it will provide your family.

Finally, many dealers also offer financing. After considering your budget and lifestyle needs, ask yourself whether it makes more sense to pay for a hot tub in full up front or to finance the spa and make affordable monthly payments over time.

Read our pricing guide to learn all about the features that can affect the cost of a new spa.

Take a Test Soak to Weigh Hot Tub Benefits Vs. Price

Because a spa is a significant investment, many dealers allow shoppers to experience a test soak before purchasing. Taking advantage of that offer will allow every member of your family to experience all that a home hot tub offers, so you can best decide together whether those benefits are worth the price.

A home hot tub can enhance every day with feelings of wellness and relaxation, and provide opportunities for more meaningful connections. Experience the many benefits of a Caldera home spa at your local dealertoday.

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