How CoolZone™ Can Help You Find the Best Summer Hot Tub Temperature Setting

A home hot tub provides a great deal of relief and enjoyment in winter. When the cold sets in deep you can raise the spa temperature, lift the cover, and sink into warmth. In summer, or if you live in an area with a year-round hot climate, the joy of a hot tub can seem more elusive. But with CoolZone™, available only from Watkins Wellness®, you can tweak your hot tub temperature setting to refreshing cool temperatures in warm weather. Whether you want to enjoy cool water to refresh, for its benefits after a hard workout, or as a way to spend quality time with your family in summer, CoolZone can help you find the best hot tub temperature setting.

With the right summer hot tub setting you can cool off on warm days.

Take Advantage of the Full Range of Comfortable Hot Tub Summer Temperature Settings

Today’s energy-efficient spas feature insulated shells and covers that prevent heat from escaping. In summer, spa covers also help resist the heat of the sun, maintaining the water’s temperature. With CoolZone, you can use your hot tub more in the summer. Through your hot tub’s control panel, you can cool your spa to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in just a matter of hours, and then heat up again later. Because 60 degrees can feel colder than the Pacific Ocean off a California beach, many spa owners choose 70-75 degrees as their perfect summer hot tub setting.

CoolZone allows you to cool your hot tub water, as well as heat it.

 In fact, that temperature setting is ideal for desert climates where the air temperature can dip from over 100 degrees during the day to 60 degrees at night.

Finding your ideal hot tub temperature and getting the most use from your spa has never been simpler. What’s more, CoolZone isn’t just an option for hot weather relief. Cooling your spa water opens up a range of new ways to use your hot tub every day, regardless of the time of year.

Keeping a hot tub summer temperature setting that’s comfortable for day and night can be a challenge.

Chilled Spa Water is Perfect for Athletes and Health-Conscious Spa Owners

A hot tub with CoolZone can provide benefits that athletes of any stripe will appreciate. Whether you’re maintaining a daily fitness routine or training for a competitive event, soaking in cool water can complement your healthy lifestyle. For example, researchers have found that cold water immersion after an intense workout can accelerate muscle recovery and improve performance. In fact, some basketball players use cold water immersion to improve jump performance. A cold soak at 60° F in a jetted spa could be just what you need to score points with your coach or trainer!

A Cool Hot Tub is a Summer Hangout for the Whole Family

With so many kids consumed with digital media today, and so many adults working on weekends and evenings outside of the office, getting your whole family to set down their devices and connect with one another can be challenging. But a refreshing dip in a cool spa is a temptation that can compete with technology—and win.   

Families that own Caldera spas with CoolZone can refresh and recharge together in cool water on warm days and in warm water at other times. This quality time can even include playing hot tub games. Just remember that because kids’ bodies don’t regulate heat as well as adult bodies do, they should always be supervised closely when enjoying spa time. Pediatricians recommend a spa temperature of 98° F. Children under five shouldn’t use hot tubs, and those 13 and under should soak for no more than 15 minutes before taking a break.  

A summer hot tub temperature setting that’s comfortable for all ages can be important for safety and togetherness.

CoolZone from Caldera is a professionally installed option that works much like your home’s air conditioning. It cools or heats spa water to your desired hot tub temperature setting, allowing you to enjoy soaks any time of the year.

At Caldera®, we believe in year-round spa enjoyment and wellness. Every home spa we manufacture is designed for elegance, efficiency, and longevity with you and your lifestyle in mind. To find out more about CoolZone and other options for our spas, download our brochure.  

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