How Your Hot Tub Can Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

Ever since I installed a hot tub on my back patio almost seven years ago, I haven't slept in. Because my hot tub has become a part of my regular morning routine, I look forward to getting out of bed, even when the air is chilly and the warm covers seem to cling to me.

As soon as I make my way to the back patio and sink into the spa, my day is off to a good, healthy start. That 20-minute soak comes first, before every other part of my morning routine. The peaceful experience sets me up for a grounded and fulfilling day while making my muscles, joints, and ligaments more flexible and ready for action. My hot tub has become part of the foundation for my healthy lifestyle.

How Your Hot Tub Promotes Healthy Habits

If you're like most people in today's busy world, abundant time and energy are two elements that consistently elude you, despite your best intentions. It's important to maintain healthy routines and choose paths toward greater efficiency.

That means:

Your hot tub complements other healthy lifestyle practices
  • Eating a more nutrient-dense diet.
  • Enjoying better-quality sleep.
  • Engaging in comfortable yet effective exercise routines.
  • Maintaining the motivation and clarity of mind to keep the whole cycle running smoothly.

Your optimal health and your hot tub are more closely connected than you might think. When soaking in the hot tub is part of your daily routine, it can promote a greater balance of time and energy and keep you progressing on your journey toward greater overall health.

Let Your Hot Tub Soothe You to Sleep

Just as you can look forward to climbing into the hot tub every morning, you can also look forward to winding down in the same way each evening. Consider making a soak in a hot tub a natural part of your bedtime ritual, followed by a large mug of tea and a favorite book or a guided meditation. This pre-bedtime soak loosens up tensions in the body that have built up over the day. It helps to calm the mind, because there's nothing to do during this time except to be, to rest, to renew. Giving the body and mind this opportunity to slow down after a long day helps enable a smooth transition toward a rejuvenating sleep.

A Japanese medical study determined that participants who soaked in a bath before bed generally fell asleep sooner than those who did not, while the group who soaked also experienced calmer sleep cycles. Another medical study of female insomniacs showed that bathing in hot water in the evening improved sleep quality. You can test this out in your own life by taking a 20-minute hot tub soak before bedtime to see if your quality of sleep improves.

Make Your Hot Tub Part of a Healthy Fitness Routine

We all know that warming up before exercise is important to prepare your body to work hard and to prevent injury. Your hot tub is an ideal tool to help you warm up and transition into physical activity—especially when coupled with targeted stretches for your muscles. The following video provides some tips and ideas for how to use your home spa to stretch before a workout:

When we return to the hot tub after a workout, it can help to soothe tired muscles and kickstart the rest and recovery process. Premium hot tubs are designed to offer a complete body massage, thanks to the strategic placement of powerful hydro jets around the tub’s ergonomic seats. When you own a hot tub, you’re investing in a daily hydrotherapy experience that promotes healthy, fulfilling activity and a fit and supple body.

How Your Hot Tub Inspires Healthy Motivation

It takes commitment and energy to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle. But it’s also true that a healthy lifestyle helps you regain energy and find motivation from the inside out. Often, it’s that initial hurdle of getting started with positive habits that we need to scale before we can enjoy the positive results. A hot tub’s temping warmth can lead you over that first hurdle each morning.

Say “yes” to your hot tub in the morning and all the healthy routines that follow

The hot tub is a distraction-free zone where you can be present with your body and your thoughts. Take some deep breaths and think about your intentions for the day ahead. When you step out of the hot tub, you’ll feel a burst of energy. You’ll be ready to do a few stretches, hydrate, and move forward with your day. When you start each morning in a constructive manner, you’ll be motivated to keep those healthy practices going with wholesome food choices, exercise, and greater mindfulness throughout the day.

Welcoming Positive Routines into Your Life

If you’re searching for ways to find a healthy lifestyle, or if you wonder how your existing good habits could be further enhanced, a high-quality, top-performing hot tub may be the key. With a Caldera® spa, your maintenance responsibilities will be simple and minimal, so hot tub ownership won’t add any unwelcome stress to your days. Your spa will always be ready for you, even in the early morning before the rest of the world wakes up. It’s possible that the best year of your life, when all the pieces of a healthy and active lifestyle fall into place, is about to begin.

Caldera Spas® offers a range of hot tub options for diverse households and lifestyles. Start exploring today by visiting your nearby dealer showroom. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best spa for your vision. You can also request a brochure or local pricing.

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