Tips for Choosing the Most Reliable Hot Tub

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge into hot tub ownership. As you compare manufacturers, models, and features you’re already eagerly anticipating your new daily ritual. Will you greet every day with a sunrise soak and a cup of tea? Or star-gaze with a loved one as warm jets melt away stress and prepare your body for sleep? Whatever you decide, you want to be sure the hot tub you choose will be a source of calm, wellness, and enjoyment for years to come.

When well-maintained, a high-quality hot tub can last for years. That means years of comfort and connection with loved ones in a personal hot tub haven just steps from your back door. However, it is important to choose the most reliable hot tub you can find to enjoy those benefits.

When shopping for the best hot tub, focusing on the quality of design, materials, and reputation of your spa manufacturer will help ensure your hot tub is always ready for you to enjoy. By paying attention to these details now, you can give yourself the peace of mind to know you won’t be worrying about them later.

For instance, an inflatable hot tub might be a fun impulse purchase, but the long-term enjoyment you get from a quality hot tub will provide so much more!

Caldera® Spas has always been driven to create the best hot tubs, backed by a comprehensive warranty. Caldera focuses on making comfortable, energy-efficient, and high-performance spas with lasting reliability — so you can enjoy the comfort and wellness that a quality spa can offer. Each Caldera spa is carefully designed and constructed to bring extraordinary benefits that can help transform your life.

Caldera spas feature sculpted shells to provide maximum comfort, and stylish cabinets designed to complement your outdoor space. Each of our models is engineered to provide well-being and transformation, day after day, for as long as you own your hot tub.

Your Caldera spa is designed to provide years of comfort, well-being and transformation.

How Do You Find the Most Reliable Hot Tub?

While there’s nothing simpler than stepping into a hot tub and letting massaging jets melt away stress, designing and manufacturing a reliable model takes planning and precision. From meticulous craftsmanship to rigorous quality control and testing, each Caldera spa is scrutinized for form, function, fit and finish - and backed by the most complete warranty in the hot tub industry. Our customers would be amazed if they knew how many hours our engineers spend selecting efficient pumps, arranging electrical systems, and looking after water filtration systems, all with the goal of delivering a hot tub that will be a source of calm, wellness, and relaxation for years to come.

We think our customer reviews speak for themselves:

" We had an older tub for 20+ years and it was time for a change. Caldera had what we were looking for. With several years of soaking Caldera makes a fabulous product and service 5 star! Upgraded spa, now need to upgrade the deck around it! "

Caldera Spa owner from Sigourney, Iowa

" My wife and I ABSOLUTELY Love our spa... it’s amazing how refreshed we feel once we get out. We have used it practically everyday since we got it in November of 2020. "

Caldera Spa Owner in Surprise, AZ

It’s these sorts of details that separate the best hot tub manufacturers from the rest. When evaluating hot tubs for sale, it’s important to look for the following:

1. Quality Materials

Your hot tub needs to function for an extended period of time while standing up to heat, moisture, and all weather conditions. That’s why the most durable spas, like those from Caldera Spas, feature reinforced acrylic interior shells, as well as exterior cabinetry made from weather-resistant materials. From precision craftsmanship to rigorous quality control and testing, each Caldera spa is scrutinized for form, function, fit and finish. And backed by the most complete warranty in the hot tub industry.

2. Local Dealer Support

Our network of Caldera Spas dealers are happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide support for delivery, set up and offer expert support for the lifetime of your hot tub. Even Caldera spas require regular maintenance, and our dealers are there to back our extensive warranties, and help out with services like water treatment and hot tub repair. Teaming up with your Caldera Spas dealer to give your spa a little extra attention now and then can prolong its life for years.

3. Ongoing Care

We know that your hot tub will quickly become your family’s favorite spot to relax and connect. By following simple and basic cleaning and maintenance instructions, outlined in your owner’s manual and explained by your dealer, you can keep your spa in near-perfect condition.

Your Caldera Spas dealer will help you select the right model for your space, and provide ongoing support so your hot tub haven will always be available for your daily ritual.

Want a Reliable Hot Tub You Can Enjoy for Years to Come?

We know there are a lot of hot tubs for sale on the market. In fact, you may have seen models from other leading brands like Arctic Spas®, Artesian Spas, Bullfrog Spas®, Dimension One Spas®, Jacuzzi®, Marquis Spas®, Master Spas® or Nordic Hot Tubs®. While these companies all make quality products, they can’t match Caldera for comfort, performance and design.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact your dealer to take a tour of our models and arrange a test soak so you can see the Caldera difference for yourself!

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