Hot Tub Customer Reviews – Utopia® Spa Owners Share Their Stories

What’s the secret to living a happy, balanced life? There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe, but for most, looking out for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being is a great place to start. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enjoying meaningful interactions with friends and family, and taking time for self-care and quiet reflection.

Knowing what to do is only the first step - fitting those activities into your busy schedule is where things can get challenging.

At Caldera® Spas we’re here to help. Our Utopia®Series spas provide a wellness retreat that’s as close as your own backyard. A place to unplug and be fully present. A distraction free zone where you can truly connect with family and friends. Making time in your hot tub part of your daily ritual can help you achieve the sense of mindful well-being you’re looking for.

If that seems like a lot to expect from a hot tub, take a look at these recent reviews and see what customers have to say about their Utopia®Series Spas.

A special getaway for two...overall bliss.

  • “I got into the tub for the first time today...What a wonderful experience! It is powerful, spacious, comfortable, and so easy to get in and out of. We’re seniors, and that was a prerequisite. There’s a seat for every mood and height. The lounger massage experience is overall bliss and the foot and wrist jets all over the Cantabria...heaven. It’s a huge tub, perfect for a couple who want amazing massage options and a special getaway for two right in our own backyard!"
  • Cantabria® owner from New Mexico

The perfect relaxation destination.

  • “Perfect hot tub! Why did we wait? We bought this tub after looking at most of the major manufacturers. This tub has the "IT" factor we were looking for. And boy did it deliver. It looks great, seating is comfortable and the lighting package and Bluetooth speakers help set the mood after a stressful day. I highly recommend this hot tub to anyone looking for the perfect relaxation destination in their backyard."
  • Geneva® owner from Georgia

Best purchase ever.

  • “Best Purchase Ever! My wife and I simply love it. Our spa is well designed for comfort and relaxation."
  • Niagara® owner from New Hampshire

The missing puzzle piece in life.

  • “I can’t say enough about this spa. It’s been my missing puzzle piece in life. I couldn’t be without one now."
  • Niagara owner from New York

Utopia®Series spas provide a blend of comfort, design, and performance customers can’t wait to come home to. What’s their favorite feature? Take a look! These hot tubbers are happy to share what they love most about their Utopia®Series spas.

  • “After much research we purchased the Niagara Spa and it was the best choice for our home! We chose the 7 person, 52 jet tub with all the bells and whistles. Our favorite features are the neck and lumbar massage options. The features and functions are all exceptional and we use our spa daily, sometimes twice a day. The seats are comfortable and the jets are extremely relaxing. So far caring and testing the water levels has been a breeze and we feel that we have received value for our dollar with this purchase! We highly recommend this model!"
  • Niagara owner from Ontario

Beautiful, easy to maintain.

  • We are very pleased with this hot tub, it’s beautiful, easy to maintain, and just so relaxing!
  • Niagara owner from New Hampshire

We could talk about how warm water hydrotherapy can ease your aches and pains and improve sleep - but we think our Utopia®owners say it best…

  • “This is my second spa and all I can say is how great this company is. My spa is a wonderful addition to our lives. It creates another reason for me to get home. I drive a lot and the driving stress is relieved both physically and mentally after about 15 minutes in the spa. I have a back injury from the Marine Corp. This spa has given me relief. This has been one of my best purchasing experiences."
  • Cantabria owner from Iowa

Designed for comfort.

  • “Best Purchase Ever! My wife and I simply love it. Our spa is well designed for comfort and relaxation."
  • Niagara owner from New Hampshire

Every morning and every evening.

  • “We sleep so much better. My husband, who constantly suffered from back pain, now has almost no pain. We are doing the 30 day challenge, using our tub at least once a day for a month, and it is the best challenge to try. We have used our spa every morning and every evening. We recommend a spa to everyone." - Geneva owners from Nevada

It’s no wonder hot tubbers love our Utopia®Series! With unparalleled comfort, stunning design, and high-performance details, they’re our very best. The six models in the Utopia®Series—the Cantabria, Geneva, Niagara, Tahitian® and Florence — range in size, seating, and jet configurations, making it easy for you to find the perfect spa to inspire your own wellness ritual.

To see how a Utopia®spa can enhance your sense of well-being, balance, and connection, download a brochure, or contact your local Caldera® Spas dealer to schedule a test soak.

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