The Best-Rated Hot Tubs are Manufactured by TradeCertified™ Companies

A home hot tub is a significant investment that can change your life for the better. A 20-minute soak on a daily basis can lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and help reduce stress, soothe fatigued muscles, improve sleep, and more.

Given the cost of a quality home spa, savvy shoppers research to ensure they buy from a reputable manufacturer with a network of trusted dealerships. They know that when they visit a spa dealership or a hot tub manufacturer's website and see the badge of the independent rating agency TradeCertified proudly displayed, the products offered will provide the long-term peace of mind and overall satisfaction they can count on and deserve.

TradeCertified focuses specifically on hot tub and swim spa manufacturers and offers two types of trade certification: one is a result of rating dealers and the other is a result of a survey for rating manufacturers. The organization's criteria for hot tub manufacturers represents a true commitment to excellence. Certification is given based on high customer satisfaction and a manufacturer's demonstration of responsible and ethical operation. More importantly, unlike some awards, the TradeCertified seal of approval can't be bought; it is presented based on company excellence.

When looking at independent ratings, it's a good idea to know who produced them. Here's a look at some of the independent reviews and ratings you can find when searching for the best spa for your family and lifestyle.

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Finding the Best-Rated Hot Tubs Based on Reviews and Accreditations

Smart hot tub consumers seek independent sources and evaluations, including customer reviews, because those are the opinions that truly matter. Customer reviews are direct reports from consumers. The reviews on spa manufacturer sites are first-party reviews. Third-party reviews are those that appear on sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and even Facebook. They should be considered in aggregate to determine the consensus opinion of a wide variety of spa owners.

Some well-informed shoppers also consult third-party accreditation programs and organizations, such as TradeCertified™. While TradeCertified is a trustworthy institution, not all third-party accreditations carry the same weight. To receive true accreditation, hot tub manufacturers have to meet certain certification standards regarding competence, product performance, and customer satisfaction. To find out if an accreditation is a result of an independent review, look at the website of the company providing it to learn the basis for criteria.

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TradeCertified Spa Manufacturers Offer the Best-Rated Hot Tubs and Service

Caldera brand spas has earned TradeCertified™ endorsement in 2018 and in every year since 2007. These endorsements mean that Caldera spas has met or exceeded TradeCertified™ standards. They show that our commitment to best practices and our focus on customer service pays off in the form of customer satisfaction and industry recognition.

TradeCertified™ is the hot tub industry standard for performance and satisfaction ratings and the qualification criteria is strict. For example, spa manufacturers seeking a rating must provide a specific amount of training to its dealer service centers annually. In addition, TradeCertified™ bases its standards on hot tub dealer feedback regarding everything from first-year quality to the manufacturer's warranty to develop an accurate rating. The rating is intended to give dealers confidence in the brands they carry.

Having published four hot tub magazines over almost two decades, TradeCertified™ is well respected and its expertise is unquestioned. Today, those magazines are no longer owned by and are without financial ties to TradeCertified, so the organization's rankings are unbiased. Finally, TradeCertified™ surveys and accreditations are reviewed by independent, third-party auditors to ensure they meet established qualifications.

When a hot tub manufacturer is accredited by TradeCertified™, consumers can rest assured that its spas are quality products backed by a reputable manufacturer and a network of dealers trained on proper service techniques and procedures.

Caldera® is a TradeCertified brand of high-quality spas that are built for comfort, reliability, and performance to best facilitate our customers' healthy lifestyles. We also support our customers through our network of knowledgeable, highly trained local dealers. To see our full line of hot tubs, request a brochure.

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