Top 5 Wellness Resolution Ideas For The New Year

The five healthy-habits our team at 20-Minute Renewal is focused on in the new year are:

  1. Pack a lunch. As busy professionals, food can be an afterthought to other priorities, and we end up grabbing whatever is near the office or even skipping lunch. This can lead to afternoon grogginess. We've found that taking time to pack a fresh, nutritious lunch is always worth it because your body and mind just seem to work better after a healthy meal. After all, food is fuel. Check out this blog post for 5 healthier lunch ideas to pack.
  2. Walk 10,000 steps every day. First step: find a pedometer. The National Institute of Aging recommends working up to 10,000 daily steps by adding an extra 1,000 steps a day each week to your current walking pattern. The benefits? You'll burn 20% of your caloric intake for the day, increase energy, reduce stress, and more.
  3. Give and accept rejuvenation in relationships. Leadership and love coach, Michele Christensen, provides several tips on how to give and take in your relationships. Some of this happens simply by being intentional with the time you spend with loved ones and setting aside distractions. A hot tub is an ideal place to enjoy quality time with a loved one.
  4. Indulge in a guilty pleasure. Some treats are actually good for you - in moderation. Chocolate, red wine, hugs, and naps all make this list of positive indulgences. You definitely don't have to talk us into this one!
  5. Commit to 20 minutes a day in the hot tub. There's a reason that people have sought the wellness benefits of water immersion for centuries. Twenty minutes in a hot tub every day can help lower stress, build relationships, speed muscle recovery, improve sleep, and remove toxins. Plus, our team, and Caldera spa owners, know about the intangible benefits like emerging from the hot tub feeling renewed mentally and physically.

Remember, taking time for daily rejuvenation is a lifestyle, not a contest. Someone wise once said, “Don't feel guilty and don't give up.” This mantra will help free you up to persevere over the bumps in the road. Hopefully, this blog is a place of encouragement for a community of hot tubbers.

Which of these self-care practices are most within your comfort zone? Tell us in a comment below and commit to putting it into action for the new year.

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