The Ultimate Seasonal Stress Buster: Your Hot Tub

No one is immune to seasonal stress. We all feel the pressure to participate and the pinch on our finances. I love the holidays, but I certainly know what it feels like to have a shopping list a mile long, or a calendar full of events and just not enough hours in a day for all of it. While the holiday season can be the most fun-filled, joyous time of year, it can also introduce a host of issues and worries that truly take a toll.
Some concerns we face at the holidays:
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
Even if you feel great the rest of the year, the holiday season can bring you down. Many people find themselves feeling less than festive at the holidays, a combination of too-high expectations (or unnecessarily low expectations), pressure to seem “perfect” and even glum memories of holidays past.
  • Being sleep-deprived.
All the late-night parties, all the to-dos, all the carbs and cocktails, all the rushing—these things not only make you tired, they can even cause insomnia. That means that your already tired self can’t get much-needed rest.
  • A lowered resistance to illness.
Do you tend to get sick every year around this time? You’re not imagining things. Holiday stress can lower your immune system. Add to that the thronging mall crowds and overtaxing social demands and you have a recipe for a lousy cold or even the flu.
A simple 20-minute rescue!
So how can you beat the seasonal stress? You know what I am going to say. Much of what you need can be found in the nurturing, therapeutic waters of your hot tub!
If you’ve read our blog before, you know just 20 minutes a day in your hot tub can help you increase your energy, clear your busy head, help you sleep and put you back on track in terms of healthful self-care. You can spend time reconnecting with your loved ones or yourself, you can reset your focus on health and well being, and you can undo the damage that stress does to the body and mind.
At the holidays, taking care of you is paramount. For fighting off colds, keeping a calm and cheerful outlook and making sure you have enough energy to enjoy yourself throughout the season, there is nothing that beats a regularly scheduled, calming 20-minute retreat in your hot tub. And, it will give your loved ones a better version of you, ultimately giving you all a happier holiday season.
Below is a quick “cheat sheet” of things you can remind yourself to do when you feel stress building:
  • Spend just 20 minutes a day, every day, in your hot tub.
  • Say no to some invitations—only attend the events that you really want to attend.
  • Set a gift budget and stick to it!
  • Accept even the quirkiest of family members as they are without expectation of change.
  • Indulge, and enjoy—but practice moderation in between indulgences.
  • Maintain your self-care habits like exercise and getting enough sleep.
  • Talk about it! Remind your loved ones that you need them—and let them be your support system.
  • Take time for yourself—schedule it, if need be, but do it!
Now, click here to download and print these tips for a low-stress holiday season, and put them somewhere as a reminder. Use the share buttons below to spread the cheer!

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