Pop Quiz: Does Your Body Need a Hot Tub?

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 by  Anne Kruse






How often do you find yourself leaning into the sharp points of life? Is today one of those days? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. The good news is you can always do something about it. Hot tub hydrotherapy satisfies the basic human instinct that commands us to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Renewed, improved health paired with a positive state of mind is an optimal and realistic destination.

“Time spent in a hot tub is a full-sensory experience designed to unburden your mind and body.”

Many times you find yourself in a pool of life’s painful problems wearing nothing more than a tattered life vest. A flotation device with the word “FUN” on it passed by a while ago. Face it we must create ways to infuse more pleasure and well-being into our lives to keep afloat. This notion raises the question, “Would a hot tub help me create a wave of health transformation?”

Determine if any of the following questions ring true. Check the box for all that apply to you and see how things add up at the end.

checkbox graphic  By the end of the day I’m exhausted but can’t seem to calm down. I need to bring more pleasure into my day when my body won’t let me.

Adrenaline has been pumping through your veins all day. No wonder you have a hard time calming down. Your body has been on high alert. It’s hard to convince your body to lighten up. Research shows that immersing yourself into the warm water of a hot tub lowers your heart rate by 15% and your blood pressure by 11-12%. You can’t help it. Your body is in control and calming your system down. The tensions of the day clear away. Hydrotherapy benefits many systems in the body and promotes heart health, relaxation and overall well-being.

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Your muscles enjoy the restorative benefits of hydrotherapy after a work or exercise.

checkbox graphic  My job is very physically demanding. I get a workout at work. My body needs to rejuvenate so I can be the best I can be.

If you’ve got a job that demands more from you than the gym then hot tub hydrotherapy can help. Like any athlete that demands a lot from their body protecting yours is essential. Your income depends upon it. Research tells us that pain and tenderness statistically improve in warm spa water. Warm spa water increases circulation that brings healing to micro-traumas caused by physical exertion. It also lowers plasma lactate that causes muscle soreness. Using a hot tub to help your muscles recover from daily activities is a smart, health generating thing to do. Remember, all jobs demand a lot from us. Hydrotherapy helps most people get their job done.

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Replace the noise of the day with the calming sounds of flowing water.

checkbox graphic  I have a lot on my mind all the time. I’m looking for something that helps quiet my mind AND sooth my body.

Quieting the mind comes easy to some, not to others. Our minds get overstimulated with thoughts. Hot tub hydrotherapy allows you to redirect your thoughts by introducing alternate forms of stimulation. As you slip into the comfort of warm water your body senses a change. Your attention focuses on feelings of comfort. Some liken it to the experience of a baby in the safety of the womb. Feelings of well-being and relaxation deepen as the jets pulsate against your sore muscles. The sound of the bubbles and hum of the filtration system create soothing white noise that quiets the chatter in your head. Practice meditation in the hot tub to focus your thoughts on your breathing. Time spent in a hot tub is a full-sensory experience designed to unburden your mind and body.

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A dip in the hot tub fits into any day.

“Today’s the day you throw yourself a lifeline to create renewed, improved health with hot tub hydrotherapy. Reach for it!”

checkbox graphic  I feel like my days all run together into one big stressful experience. I need to create a shift to bring more balance into my life.

Hot tub hydrotherapy serves as a personal reset button that helps you start fresh. Fit it in your schedule in the morning or evening. Look at it as setting aside 20 minutes a day to improve your overall health. That’s time well spent. People have been fitting hydrotherapy into their schedules since ancient times. History tells us the health benefits are worth the effort. Like with any new behavior allow yourself 21 days to learn the new routine. Remember, assuring yourself a reset on your day helps you step off the stressful merry-go-round

SCORE: It’s time to tally your score. Based on the number of boxes you checked your body is telling you the following:

0 – You are in the zone.

1 – You could use some hot tub relief.

2 – The probability of improving your health and wellbeing through hot tub hydrotherapy is high.

3 – Your body’s need to seek pleasure and avoid pain via hot tub hydrotherapy is being communicated loud and clear.

4 – You, your family and friends need to jump in and reap the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy as soon as possible.

When all is said and done your positive, pleasure-seeking state of mind is up to you. Today’s the day you throw yourself a lifeline to create renewed, improved health with hot tub hydrotherapy. Reach for it! You’ve got this.

We are passionate hot tub enthusiasts and appreciate your interest in learning. Read more about the benefits of hot tub use in our resource library by clicking here. We are your source for reliable information.

Download a brochure by simply clicking here or the “Download a Brochure” tab in the toolbar. At Caldera® Spas we take pride in helping you find ways to “Come to Life.” We know you’re worth it. Feel Good. Live Well. We’re all in this together.

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