Considering a Salt Water System? See Caldera Spas Salt Water Hot Tub Reviews

When most people buy a hot tub, they do so because they want to improve their personal wellness while adding a relaxing and luxurious experience to their home. Perhaps that’s why so many hot tubbers are starting to choose salt water sanitation systems. Unlike their traditional chlorine-based counterparts, salt water hot tubs provide a more natural soaking experience, letting you focus on relaxation without the harsh chemicals. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the reviews below to see what owners of Caldera salt water hot tubs had to say about their innovative home spas.

Maintenance and ease of use

Maintenance and ease of use are top of mind for many prospective buyers because people don’t want to spend more time maintaining their hot tub than they do enjoying it. Discover the FreshWater® Salt System, which makes maintaining your hot tub a breeze. Simply insert a specialized cartridge and then check your water quality every 10 days using the built-in control panel to ensure maximum water clarity. That’s really all there is to it. So, if you want to simplify your life and enjoy all the wellness benefits of a hot tub without all the hassle, a salt water system may be perfect for you.

Here’s what some Caldera hot tub customers had to say about how easy it is to maintain their salt water hot tubs:

  • “We opted for the FreshWater Salt System and also highly recommend it. Water balance seems very easy to maintain so far. I would definitely buy this hot tub again, without question."
  • – Seychelles® hot tub owner, Ohio
  • “The hot tub itself is super and my wife and I enjoy it almost every night, and having salt water is easier to take care of and great for your skin. The tub doesn't lose the heat, and is very well built. I give it 5 stars, but I'd give it more if we could. You want to purchase a hot tub like this, we really enjoy it."
  • – Seychelles® owner, Monument, CO

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get the FreshWater® Salt System up and running:

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Physical benefits

Hydrotherapy in general can provide some amazing wellness benefits, with heat and buoyancy helping to relieve tension on joints while powerful jets soothe aching muscles. But a salt water hot tub takes this even further because without the smell of chlorine, your senses are at ease and you can concentrate on meditating or just relaxing as the stress of the day melts away.

Plus, salt water could feel gentler on your skin and hair, so you can come out of each soak feeling revitalized inside and out. Many salt water enthusiasts say the gentler water means they can hop right into bed after taking a nightly soak, helping them enjoy more restful sleep. By cultivating an experience that is more enjoyable all around, you’ll be more likely to make a daily hot tub soak part of your wellness routine.

Check out these reviews from customers who say the salt water experience has transformed their physical wellbeing:

  • “Perfect for the two of us! We’ve had spas since the 1980’s, but first with salt water. I’m so impressed with the benefits from the first use and how my skin feels now. Best of all, no smell. The now nightly soaks have made the day complete and I am sleeping so peaceful every night."
  • – Kauai® spa owner, Rio Rancho, NM
  • “Really love the FreshWater Salt System! Nearly maintenance free. A whole lot less chemical additions. Seems to be less harsh on our skin and hair as well. Highly recommended!"
  • – Kauai® spa owner, Newcastle, WY

Salt water vs. chlorine

There’s no denying that there’s just something special about a salt water spa. Apart from easier maintenance and a more complete wellness experience, salt water hot tubs offer other benefits as well. Because they don’t have to be refilled as often, they help conserve water, making them more eco-friendly. The more natural spa experience is also an added bonus for families who prefer to avoid harsh chemicals whenever possible. All in all, salt water systems just add that missing ingredient that many people are looking for in a home hot tub.

Check out these reviews from experienced hot tubbers who made the switch from a traditional chlorine system to a salt water system:

  • “This hot tub has been very satisfying with both the FreshWater Salt System and the powerful hydrotherapy. We have had a hot tub for 6 years and this tub has been such a great improvement."
  • – Seychelles® owner, St. Louis, MO
  • “Second hot tub, had a Caldera Martinique for 15 years. This new one is great! Jet system very adjustable. Size perfect for me and my wife. The best part is the salt water system. Do not get your hot tub without it! Water quality excellent. Easy maintenance."
  • – Seychelles® owner, Creedmoor, NC

To learn more about the benefits of a salt water hot tub, download a brochure or check out more reviews to see why customers rave about their salt water spas. Then schedule a test soak with your local dealer to experience the salt water difference for yourself.

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