The Top Environmentally Friendly Hot Tubs Reduce Water Usage

It’s no surprise that soaking regularly in your hot tub is an easy way to feel great. But what may come as a surprise is that hot tubs can be easy on the environment as well. In fact, the top environmentally friendly hot tubs use less water in a year than you would use by doing a load of laundry once a week or taking a one-minute shower every day for a year.

Of course, all hot tubs use energy and water, but shoppers can look for hot tubs with features that conserve these resources where possible. The difference lies in how frequently a hot tub must be drained and refilled and how many gallons of water the hot tub holds in the first place. The most environmentally friendly hot tubs help conserve electricity as well, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants at the same time that they keep your electric bill low.

The Top Environmentally Friendly Hot Tubs Have Salt Water Chlorine Generators

The best saltwater chlorine generators, such as the FreshWater® Salt System*, require less frequent drains and refills compared to traditional water care systems. While hot tubs that use traditional water care systems must be drained every three to four months, hot tubs equipped with the FreshWater® Salt System** need to be drained roughly once a year with normal use.

In addition, hot tubs equipped with the FreshWater® Salt System use fewer chemicals overall than other hot tubs, so there are fewer contaminants. The water does not smell of chemicals as traditional hot tubs do, and the water feels softer and smoother with less irritation to the skin and eyes.

  • To learn more about the FreshWater® Salt System, watch this video:
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Finding the Right Size Hot Tub to Be Friendly to the Environment

Just as energy-conscious families choose homes sized to fit their lifestyles, not wanting to spend energy heating and cooling space they’re not using, water-conscious families choose hot tubs based on how they intend to use them. For instance, if you intend to use a hot tub primarily alone, for hydrotherapy and stress relief, purchasing a seven-seat hot tub means you’ll end up using more water than you may actually need.

When you’re selecting your spa, think about how you hope to enjoy it. If you wish to use your hot tub as a social gathering space for your family and friends, it makes sense to select a hot tub with six or more seats. If instead, you’re more focused on massage, hydrotherapy, and relaxing after a hard workout or a long commute, then a two- or three-seat hot tub meets all your needs, including the occasional guest. For mixed uses and medium-sized families, four- and five-seat hot tubs offer an ideal middle ground.

The right size hot tub for you depends on how you hope to use it.

The Most Environmentally Friendly Hot Tubs Conserve Electricity

Water conservation is just one of the ways innovative hot tubs are friendly to the environment. High-quality features are also designed to help insulate the spa for lower electrical bills:

  • Dense, custom-fitted covers. Custom-fitted covers help keep heat in when the spa is not in use. This keeps the water hot and ready for you to use without forcing the heater to expend extra energy.
  • Thick foam insulation. Energy-efficient foam insulation, such as the FiberCor® insulation used in Caldera® Spas, prevents heat loss, reducing the energy needed to maintain water temperature.
  • Heavy-duty bottom insulation. Polymeric base pans available on Utopia® Series models stop heat from leaching from the bottom of high-quality hot tubs into the ground.
  • Circulation pumps. Hot tubs with circulation pumps that are separate from the pumps that power massage jets use less electricity to filter water and keep it warm.

Breakthrough hot tub technologies help conserve both electricity and water. When you choose one of the top environmentally conscious hot tubs, you can relax with your mind at ease about the ecological impact of your daily soak.

Caldera spas are designed to provide the ideal hot tub experience, both for their users and for the environment. To learn more, download a brochure.

*The FreshWater® Salt System cannot be used on Caldera® Spas hot tubs manufactured prior to 2019.

**Factors such as bather load and water chemistry can impact water life. When the spa is properly maintained, a 3-pack of cartridges with the FreshWater® Salt System will keep water clean and fresh for a full year. Not available in Canada.

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