Stylish All-Weather Hot Tub Siding Keeps Your Spa Looking Sharp

When you're shopping for a home spa, it can seem like a tall order to expect the best of both design and performance. But the latest innovations put both durability and style at the forefront, so you can have it all.

When it comes to your home spa cabinet, you'll want to look for:

  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Hot tub siding that is made to last
  • Easy maintenance

Especially if you plan to install your hot tub outdoors, exposed to the elements, you need to consider in advance how the different siding materials may hold up. All-weather polymer siding may be the all-around best choice for style, durability, and ease.

The Advantages of Modern All-Weather Hot Tub Siding

Cutting-edge hot tub siding is more durable than ever before. In particular, EcoTech  polymer cabinets bring a sleek look together with weather-resistant performance. So, your home spa's stunning look will not fade, and it's equally innovative internal systems will be protected from the elements as well.

The revolutionary EcoTech  cabinetry is featured on Caldera® Spas Utopia® Series, Vacanza® Series and Paradise® Series spas.

The advantages of EcoTech all-weather hot tub siding include:

  • A lighter-weight cabinet and a lighter spa.The EcoTech hot tub siding is lightweight, making it easier to move and less of a strain on elevated decks or other foundations.
  • Does not absorb moisture.The water that gets splashed out of a hot tub or that lands on the hot tub from rain or other sources isn't absorbed into the polymer's surface—and, therefore, won't lead to degradation. In this way, the EcoTech hot tub siding lasts and also protects the hot tub's frame and systems within.
  • Resists UV light. Outdoor hot tubs are also susceptible to sunlight. UV-resistant compounds are added to the polymer siding when it is manufactured. These compounds become an integral part of the siding that goes deeper than the surface and doesn't peel away as the hot tub ages.

The result of these advantages is all-weather hot tub siding that lasts for years with minimal maintenance. The regular care that polymer hot tub siding needs is the occasional rinse with a hose or a deeper clean with mild soap and water.

You should not have to compromise your hot tub benefits due to weather and seasonal transitions. In fact, you need a spa that can resist the elements from the outside and maintain warm, clean water on the inside, so it's always ready for a relaxing soak.

Choose Hot Tub Siding You Can Trust to Last

Not all hot tubs and not all polymer hot tub siding materials are created equal. Polymer cabinets without UV-resistant additives may degrade when exposed to sunlight. If polymer hot tub siding is not manufactured to high standards with strict quality controls, heat, moisture, and other elements can degrade the polymers and cause fading and lasting damage.

Although it is possible to replace polymer hot tub siding, it's better to invest in a quality hot tub from the start. You want to rely on a manufacturer that has stood the test of time and is committed to comfort, performance, and design all at once. The best hot tub manufacturers take pride in offering customers reliable hot tubs built with an eye for quality and backed by a global network of retail and service professionals.

And leading hot tub manufacturers do not compromise style and design in favor of all-season durability. The Utopia® Series, Vacanza® Series and Paradise® Series spas feature stylish all-weather EcoTech  cabinets that will resist the weather and maintain their elegant exteriors for years to come.

You can complete your relaxing home retreat with hot tub steps made out of the same sleek and durable material as your spa cabinet, so they are just as easy to maintain in all seasons.

With the right hot tub, you can enjoy the full benefits of all-weather hot tub siding and the benefits of all-weather soaking.

We aim to offer customers the most reliable, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain spas. To find your stylish, long-lasting home spa,find a dealer near you.

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