The Top 14 Salt Water Hot Tub Benefits

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Salt water hot tubs have risen in popularity as the technology that powers them develops. Today, more than ever, salt water spas are an improvement over hot tubs which use traditional chlorine water treatment.

To keep hot tub water pure, salt water hot tub systems generate chlorine automatically from trace amounts of salt dissolved in the water. This method is far more efficient than adding chlorine by hand every week and is just one of the many benefits of using a salt water hot tub.

Bliss is among the many benefits of salt water hot tubs.

The Many Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs

Salt water hot tubs are easier for spa owners to maintain than hot tubs using traditional chlorine sanitization, and they’re more relaxing. Increased comfort and simpler water care mean hot tub owners are more likely to use their spas more and, therefore, enjoy the compound benefits of hydrotherapy. Just 20 minutes of hot tub use every day can turn muscle tension to comfort, soothe a busy mind, and improve overall well-being. In comparison to hot tubs purified by manually added chlorine, salt water hot tubs provide the following benefits:

  • Softer Water. The water in salt water hot tubs feels softer, smoother, and more pure than water sanitized using liquid or powdered chlorine.
  • Fewer Drainings. Some salt water hot tubs—such as the new FreshWater™ Salt System**—have to be drained only once a year with normal use, compared to three or four times a year for hot tubs relying on traditional chlorine. This saves hours of work every year, allowing hot-tubbers to soak more.
  • Water Conservation. Since some systems require less frequent draining and refilling than hot tubs using manually added chlorine, salt water hot tubs use much less water. This means hot tub owners can feel great and preserve water at the same time.
  • Fewer Chemicals. By constantly monitoring chemical levels in the water, salt water systems generate only as much chlorine as is needed. As a result, fewer chemicals end up in the spa water, making the water actually last longer because there is less chance of contamination. Plus, the water feels better.
  • Improved Wellness. Salt water is slightly more dense than water without salt, which makes it easier for people to float in hot water. This increased buoyancy helps reduce the weight of gravity on joints and muscles, soothing tension as it lifts the body and the spirit.
  • No Odors. The “chlorine smell” that lingers around some pools and hot tubs is eliminated by salt water purification systems. This smell is caused by chemical residues in hot tub water, which salt water hot tubs do not create.
  • Less Irritation. A lack of chemical residues also means that salt water spas are less likely to irritate skin and eyes. This means hot tub owners are free to enjoy their spa to the fullest.

Exciting new innovations in hot tub water care design have improved the spa experience even further. The new FreshWater™ Salt System*, available on all 2019 Caldera® Utopia® Series and Paradise® Series spas is among the best on the market.

With the FreshWater™ Salt System, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your hot tub.

The Best Salt Water System for Hot Tubs Includes More Benefits

Salt water systems for hot tubs have been available for several years, and have done an admirable job of providing their owners with clean water that contains fewer chemicals. The new FreshWater Salt System improves on the early successes of salt water hot tubs. In addition to all of the benefits other salt water systems provide, the thoughtfully engineered FreshWater Salt System streamlines water care, making hot tubs simpler to maintain and more rewarding to own and use on a regular basis. Here are the benefits of this new system:

The cartridge the FreshWaterTM Salt System uses lasts 4 months, and can be replaced in seconds.
  • Affordability. Thanks to a superior design and less expensive materials, the  FreshWater™ Salt System costs less than other salt water chlorine generators.
  • Factory Integration. Built into all 2019 Caldera Utopia Series spas and Paradise Series spas, the FreshWater™ Salt System is pre-plumbed, and you just need to purchase a start-up kit to begin using the system. This guarantees quality and helps keeps the system affordable.
  • Inline Plumbing. Because the FreshWater Salt System is factory integrated, it requires no additional or unsightly plumbing.
  • Control Panel Instructions. The FreshWater Salt System takes the guesswork out of hot tub water care with easy-to-read control panel prompts. Hot tub owners are prompted when it’s time to replace a cartridge or adjust sanitizer levels, allowing them to focus on relaxation, not chemistry.
  • Disposable Titanium Cartridge. The FreshWater Salt System uses a titanium cartridge to convert salt water into chlorine. It’s less expensive than other types of cartridges and last four months with normal spa use. Cartridges are sold in packs of three at local hot tub dealerships, so one pack can keep spa water clean for up to a year with normal use.
  • No Tools Required. Designed for ease of use, cartridge replacement on hot tubs with the FreshWater™ Salt System takes just seconds. Simply remove the old cartridge right from the spa bar top, throw it away, and replace it with a new one. No tools or dealer assistance is needed.

The FreshWater Salt System provides Pure Comfort® for hot tub owners, assuring that spa water is always hot and ready to use. Plus, by simplifying water care, it promotes more hot tub use. Consistent hot tub use enhances the wellness benefits of hydrotherapy, reducing stress and improving mood and sleep.

To learn more about Caldera spas and what makes the FreshWater™  Salt System one of the best salt water systems for hot tubs, download a brochure.

*The FreshWater™ Salt System cannot be used on Caldera® hot tubs manufactured prior to 2019.

**Factors such as bather load and water chemistry can impact water life. When the spa is properly maintained, a 3-pack of cartridges with the FreshWater Salt System will keep water clean and fresh for a full year. Not available in Canada.

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