Transformation in Small Spaces: The Benefits of a Small Hot Tub

If your outdoor space is limited or you’ve made the choice to simplify your lifestyle, you can still enjoy the daily ritual that helps you stay calm, centered and present. You may have downsized to a smaller home or condo, but if you’re worried that your small living space won’t have room for a hot tub, think again! Caldera® Spas offers 2-person and 3-person hot tubs that fit virtually anywhere. You don’t have to sacrifice a thing, because these compact models offer all the benefits of a larger hot tub. That means you can start the day with a warm soak and a cup of tea or enjoy an evening of stargazing with your partner, without sacrificing style, comfort or features.

Go Small Without Shrinking Your Expectations

The wonderful thing about a small hot tub is that it can deliver joy in any space available. With three small hot tub models to choose from, there’s one that’s sure to fit your space, and your budget.

The Kauai® is the smallest model in our Paradise Series®, and features seating for three - including our luxurious UltraMassage® lounge and EcstaSeat®. All Paradise Series spas come ready to use the FreshWater® Salt System, which automatically generates chlorine from salt, providing you with fresh, natural feeling water that’s gentler on your skin and eyes.

The Vacanza® Series offers two small spa models that provide comfort and hydrotherapy at a value price. Whether you choose the Aventine®, our uniquely shaped 2-person spa that slips into any corner, or the sleek Celio, these models pack plenty of well being in a small package.

Here are some of the things Caldera spa owners have learned after experiencing the benefits of a small hot tub…

A Small Hot Tub Isn’t a Compromise

Compact Caldera hot tub models have virtually all the same features as our larger hot tubs – they just take up less space. The Caldera Spa 2- and 3-person hot tub models feature multiple hot tub circuit therapy stations to deliver a full body massage from top to bottom. And of course, they all offer the comfortable contoured interiors, stunning design, and energy efficient features you expect from a Caldera spa. All that, in a spa that can easily fit on a deck or patio, secluded backyard nook or be positioned just steps from a bedroom or den!

A 2-Person Hot Tub Can Spark Connection and Intimate Conversations

Imagine soaking with a partner in your personal hot tub haven, allowing the cares of the world to melt away while you relax and reflect at the end of the day.

There is nothing quite like a small spa to spark deep conversations. Switch on some background music, pour your favorite beverage, add some mood lighting, and you have everything you need to form a deep connection with someone you love.

Enjoy the daily ritual that helps you feel calm, centered, and ready for life’s next adventure!

Small Hot Tubs Easily Become Part of Your Daily Ritual

When purchasing a Caldera Spa, you’re investing in a lifestyle. Most of our customers can’t wait to create a self-care ritual that includes a solo daily soak, something that is easy to do with a small, energy-efficient hot tub.

A compact model is ideal for someone who is looking to reconnect with themselves each morning or evening. And of course, you can use a 2-person spa for hydrotherapy to help relieve sore muscles and painful joints.

A Small Spa is Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Because they require fewer materials, have a smaller footprint, and less-powerful heating elements, a smaller hot tub tends to also be an energy-efficient hot tub. In fact, all Caldera hot tubs are built to meet the most stringent energy standards established by the California Energy Commision (CEC). Every aspect of construction– insulation, heaters, pumps, and even our spa covers – work together to keep spa water hot, and energy bills low.

It’s important to take these factors into consideration when comparing hot tub prices. If you want a high-quality hot tub that will perform reliably and affordably for years to come, then a smaller unit could be a perfect choice.

Find Out More About Small Hot Tubs

Think you don’t have room for a hot tub? Learn about your options and discover how you can enjoy the life-changing benefits that come with enjoying your own spa.

Contact your local Caldera Spa dealer to arrange a test soak in one of our compact models. Then, you can see for yourself how the Kauai, Celio, or even our uniquely shaped triangular Aventine model can be the perfect fit for your space… and your life!

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