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Thinking about how to improve your overall well-being? A home spa offers daily experiences of renewal, rejuvenation, and reconnection. A 20-minute hot tub soak each day can help you relax, feel empowered through self-care, and allow you to spend quality time with your family and friends. Our Wellness blog shows you how.

Here, you’ll learn from the experts how to choose the best hot tub, features, and accessories to achieve your wellness vision. You’ll find tips on how to integrate your home spa into your active lifestyle and use it as a tool for continued good health. You’ll also discover the many benefits of hydrotherapy as a complement to your fitness routine, and the ways immersion helps to relieve stress, pain, and tension. Taking steps to enhance your overall home spa experience has never been simpler.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain, cutting-edge spa with energy-efficient and sustainable hot tub features that will save you money, and powerful jets for the best hydrotherapy massage, Caldera Spas® has a model designed for you. With passionate hot-tubbers behind our research and development, and knowledgeable local dealers providing exceptional shopping experiences to our customers, you’re in good hands with Caldera. If you’re interested in transformation your way, you’ve come to the right place.

Give A Foot Massage: The Ultimate, Feel-Good Gift

Are you running out of gift ideas for your friend, family member, sweetheart, etc? Here’s something special you won’t find on a retail shelf that nearly everyone is looking for—the gift of relaxation. Help someone else relax: Give a foot massage. By give, I don’t mean “pay for.” I mean learn some basics and give someone a relaxing, basic foot

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Getting The Most From Your Hot Tub

What you get out of your hot tub is better than what you put into it. That’s just a funny way to say that if you’re like me, you’ll always feel changed for the better when you get out of the water. What I love about my Caldera hot tub is that it’s not one

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When It Comes To Your Teenager, Your Hot Tub May Open More Than Pores

“Good.” “Nothing.” Of all the things you taught your kids when they were growing up, when your son gets to be a teenager, you realize those two magical words were all you really needed to teach him. Evidently, they can answer nearly any question. How’s school going? How’d practice go? What did you guys do

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Black Cherry Juice: A Tasty Way To Treat Joint Pain

I’m not crazy about taking any kind of pill, and on top of that, I react adversely to anti-inflammatory drugs. I figured there had to be some natural alternative out there, so I started searching. Turns out there is. Black Cherry Juice is Good For Your Health and Wellness Black cherry juice not only contains high levels

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Staying Healthy In Football Season

With both professional and collegiate football seasons in full swing, we’re all sucked in again to that wonderful cycle of armchair quarterbacking, fantasy football lineup shifting, ESPN dissecting, and perhaps most importantly, tailgating. At Notre Dame, football season is an absolute madhouse, and tailgating before games is pretty much required. However, tailgating can be treacherous,

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Use Tennis Balls To Work The Stiffness Out Of Sore Muscles

There are many reasons for muscle soreness. For me, the tightness in my hips or back is a result of over use and repetitive motion from years of gym activities. Whatever your case may be, I’ve found the best thing you can do to help muscles recover is to get a massage. There’s almost nothing

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