Choosing the Best Hot Tub for Your Money

When you’re shopping for a hot tub, it’s important to take a look at the entire field. Once you know where every hot tub model stands in relation to each other, and once you’ve decided which features are the most important to you, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to choose the best hot tub for your money. This guide to the hot tub models offered by Caldera® Spas is designed to help with your research. Whether you’re looking for the most seats, the best jets, or the most durable exterior, this is where you’ll find the spa best suited to your needs.

Each hot tub from Caldera belongs to one of three series: Utopia®, Paradise®, or Vacanza®. This guide breaks down the primary differences between each series, along with the differences between each individual model within each series.

Utopia Series Hot Tubs

Hot tubs in the Utopia Series are top-of-the-line luxury spas: spacious, powerful, and energy-efficient. These high-end hot tubs are built to be the very best in quality, performance, and design. Every Utopia model possesses the following features:

The Utopia Cantabria is the epitome of luxury


All hot tubs within the Utopia Series feature ergonomically-designed seats. Massage features are customizable to target the individual hydrotherapy needs of each spa user. Utopia spas have spacious footwells with FootRidge® support to keep you securely in place, even when the powerful jets are turned on. Contoured pillows are included to allow you to lean back and soak in total comfort. Specialized jets include the UltraMasseuse® system, OrbiSsage® rotating jets, hip jets, and the Atlas® neck jet. Three of the four Utopia models feature two Euphoria® jets in the footwell that can work independently or together to deliver a powerful restorative massage to the feet and legs.


The water care system for all Paradise and Utopia is the Frog® @ease In-Line System with SmartChlor® Technology. The Monarch® CD Ozone System is also standard on Utopia models. This system mixes concentrated ozone bubbles into the spa water to neutralize contaminants. When used with the @ease SmartChlor cartridge, you’ll get our most effective water care system.

The 100-square-foot filter requires only infrequent cleaning or changing. A thermal isolated base pan protects your spa components and prevents your spa from losing energy through contact with the ground. The interior space is insulated with FiberCor® fiber insulation to maximize energy efficiency and keep your hot tub steaming hot. Finally, the intuitive Advent® LCD control panel lets you make precise adjustments to your water temperature, jets, and lighting with ease.


The stylish outer paneling is Avante™ all-climate cabinetry, which is strong enough to shrug off the effects of rough weather for years. Each Utopia hot tub features SpaGlo® interior lighting and exterior corner lighting. Utopia hot tubs are available in a variety of attractive shell, cabinetry, and cover color combinations. The cabinetry is made of a high-strength material that gives the spa its contemporary look, which can blend in with many different home styles.

Paradise can be found in your Utopia Niagara spa

The Utopia Series of luxury hot tubs can range from $13,000 and up, depending upon your model and your delivery location. Here’s a closer look at the different models available in this range:


The Cantabria hot tub seats eight adults and features 74 jets. Seats include the UltraMassage® lounge with the customizable UltraMasseuse system, which is only available in the Cantabria. The UltraMasseuse system is like a personal recliner with adjustable jet settings. Cabinet colors include Brownstone, Sand, and Slate, while the shell colors include Arctic White, Platinum, Tuscan Sun, and Midnight Canyon.

The Cantabria is the roomiest spa in the Utopia Series


The Geneva model seats six and features 55 jets. Like the Cantabria, it has an UltraMassage lounge seat. Cabinet colors include Brownstone, Sand, and Slate, and the shell color choices are Arctic White, Platinum, Pearl, Tuscan Sun, Midnight Canyon, and Pacific Rim.


The Niagara seats seven, including one UltraMassage seat. It’s the same size as the Geneva, and is the only Utopia model with his-and-her EcstaSeats. It has 52 jets and two Atlas Neck jet systems. It’s available in the same cabinet and shell color options as the Geneva.


The smallest hot tub in the Utopia Series, the Tahitian comfortably seats six and includes one UltraMassage lounge seat. It has 46 jets and comes in the same cabinet and shell color options as the Geneva and Niagara. It’s the only spa in the Utopia Series that doesn’t feature an Atlas neck jet.

Paradise Series Hot Tubs

Our Paradise Series hot tubs are inspired by the relaxing lifestyle found on a tropical island. These premium spas, which range in size from cozy enough for two to large enough for the family, come with a variety of features. Superior design and powerful performance elevate these hot tubs to premium status. With great attention paid to the features and functions customers enjoy most, the Paradise Series aims to bring tropical bliss to your backyard.

Every model in the Paradise Series possesses the following features for superior comfort, performance, and design:

Caldera’s Paradise Series is a line of premium spas.


As with the Utopia Series, all Paradise models have ergonomically-designed seats with FootRidge support. Also like the Utopia Series, hot tubs in the Paradise Series have spacious footwells and come with contoured pillows. Paradise spas all contain multiple hydrotherapy jets, including special jets placed in the footwell to massage and soothe the soles of your feet.


To keep your energy bill low and your water hot, Paradise spas feature FiberCor insulation, which is four times as dense as urethane. These premium spas use the FROG® In-Line Water Care System. Water temperature, jet settings, and entertainment options are all at your fingertips with the intuitively designed Advent LCD control panel.


Paradise hot tubs, like all hot tubs from Caldera Spas, feature three-layer DuraBond acrylic shells, as well as EcoTech™ cabinetry, which combines the look of real wood with the durability required to stand up to constant outdoor exposure and rough weather. The shell and outer paneling come in a variety of attractive and contemporary color combinations. All spas in the series apart from the Kauai include an Acquarella® Waterfall, and all feature SpaGlo lighting.

Enjoy the comfort of the Paradise Makena spa.

Prices in the Paradise Series range from $11,000 and up depending on model and location.

There are four different models within the Paradise Series:


 The Makena seats six and includes a lounge seat and a backlit Aquarella waterfall. It has 46 jets. Shell color options for the Makena include White Pearl, Tuscan Sun, Sterling Marble, Desert, and Midnight Canyon, while the cabinet comes in Coastal Gray, Espresso, or Teak.

The Paradise Makena seats six and includes a lounge seat.Salina®

The Salina seats seven. It’s the same size as the Makena, though it doesn’t feature a lounge seat. It has forty jets and comes in the same shell and cabinet color options as the Makena.


The Martinique has seating for five, including one roomy lounge seat, and 34 jets. Like the Salina and the Makena, the shell for the Martinique comes in your choice of White Pearl, Tuscan Sun, Sterling Marble, Desert, or Midnight Canyon, while the cabinet is available in Coastal Gray, Espresso, or Teak.


Named for a remote Hawaiian island, the three-seat Kauai includes a lounge seat. It has 31 jets and comes in the same cabinet and shell color choices as all the other models in the Paradise Series.

Vacanza Series Hot Tubs

The Vacanza Series delivers solid value by focusing on hot tub essentials. While these spas may not have all the advanced features of the Paradise and Utopia Series, they nonetheless possess the core elements that make your hot tub your heaven. For many people, the best hot tub isn’t the one with the most seats or the most jets—it’s the one that fits their budget and their lifestyle best. If this sounds like you, the value-priced Vacanza Series is built to meet your needs.

All spas in the Vacanza Series possess these advanced features for comfort, performance, and design:

Caldera’s Vacanza Series delivers solid value


Spas in the Vacanza Series all feature ergonomically-designed seats with a spacious footwell and FootRidge support. Other features for superior comfort include contoured pillows and multiple jets.


To keep your water fresh and clean with minimal effort, our Vacanza Series uses the easy-to-maintain FROG water care system. As with all hot tubs from Caldera Spas, Vacanza spas feature premium-quality FiberCor insulation.


The Vacanza Series features stainless steel jets and enhanced LED lighting and come in many attractive shell and cabinet color combinations. Like the spas in the Paradise Series, they also all feature DuraBond acrylic shells and durable, attractive EcoTech cabinets. All spas in the Series apart from the Aventine include an Acquarella Waterfall and Mystique® interior lights.

The Vacanza Series offers comfort, design, and performance at a value price

Ranging from $7,000 and up, the value-priced Vacanza Series is designed to bring customers high quality and great attention to detail at a lower price.

Here’s a breakdown of the different models within the Vacanza Series:


The largest spa in the Vacanza Series, the Palatino features seating for six, including one lounge seat, and has 45 jets. The shell is available in four colors: White Pearl, Desert, Tuscan Sun, and Midnight Canyon; the siding comes in your choice of Coastal Gray, Espresso, or Teak.


While slightly smaller than the Palatino, the Marino also features seating for six, including a lounge seat. It has 35 jets and features the same shell and siding color options as the Palatino.

The Vacanza Marino shell comes in Midnight Canyon and three other colorsVanto®

The same size as the Marino, the Vanto seats seven adults. Like the Marino, it has 35 jets. As with the Palatino and Marino, the Vanto is available in your choice of White Pearl, Desert, Tuscan Sun, or Midnight Canyon for the shell, and Coastal Gray, Espresso, or Teak for the siding.


The Tarino seats five, with three traditional seats and two lounge seats. It has seventeen jets and comes in all the same shell and siding colors as the Palatino, Vanto, and Marino.


Our coziest hot tub, the Aventine is designed for small spaces. Roughly triangular in shape, the Aventine tucks into any free corner. With seating for two, including one lounge seat, the Aventine is perfect for customers looking for a simple, soothing soak by themselves or with a partner. The shell comes in your choice of Sterling Marble or Desert, while the siding comes in your choice of Espresso or Teak.

Every Caldera Spa Is Perfect for Someone

Now that you know about all the different options available from Caldera Spas, you can begin to decide which of our offerings is the best hot tub for your money. Visit your local dealer to view these models in person; you can even go for a test soak. Think about what’s most important to you and your loved ones. Will size make the difference? Do you favor more powerful jets over more inclusive seating? Or are you looking for a more personal hot tub experience, focused on a relaxing experience for just you and your partner?

Every Caldera spa is perfect for someone

Whichever experience fits you best, we’re confident you’ll find the best value with a Caldera spa. Built with the highest-quality materials by designers with decades of hot tub experience, every one of our spas sits at the top of the market. To take the next step, review some of our information on the hot tub buying process, download our brochure, or find your local dealer and schedule a visit.