Experience a Hot Tub Before You Buy: Finding Hot Tub Retailers Near You to Answer Your Questions

Investing in a hot tub will do wonders for your health and home life, but it’s important to approach this investment carefully. You wouldn’t think of buying a car without taking a test drive, and the same should be true of your spa.

A test soak will allow you to experience how powerful the jets are and to actually feel them massage away tension. Or a test soak may prove underwhelming and let you know that that model is not the one for you. Since it is such a large investment, you’ll want to be sure that you buy a reliable spa, one that will be ready whenever you want to have a relaxing soak.

The best way to ensure that you invest in the hot tub that works for you, and that works for years to come, is to buy from a qualified hot tub retailer in your area, someone who is trained to answer your questions and knows all about the purchase you’re planning to make. A local hot tub dealer has models set up so you can try them firsthand. And since they are local, they’re available to answer your specific questions and to help you maintain your hot tub investment for years.

The Advantages of Local Hot Tub Retailers

Hot tub retailers in your area can tell you about the specific problem hot tubs may have due to climate and environment.

Oftentimes, people shop online for hot tubs and make their purchases on the basis of specs and reviews. While these resources are important, there is no way to be certain, through online browsing alone, that the actual experience of the spa is the one you’re looking for—that the massaging jets hit the areas you want them to and with the force you need. There is no replacement for that crucial test drive.

Why Experience Matters to Your Hot Tub Investment

Reputable dealers have years of experience serving customers in your area. Dealers are also hot tubbers themselves. They understand the benefits and responsibilities of ownership firsthand. And they have gotten to know so many different kinds of hot tubbers over the years; they have learned about diverse issues that may arise and have developed solutions. Hot tub retailers have also learned a lot about how to match shoppers’ specific interests, needs, priorities, and budgets with the perfect spas.

Perhaps you already have a good idea of the hot tub features you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve come only so far as to have a vision of how you want your hot tub to improve your daily life. In either case, a dealer can help you answer your questions or even help you find the right questions to ask in order to bring your vision to life. In the showroom, you can see models with your own eyes, witness the quality and the style, feel how sturdy they are as you sit inside. And you can test the jets for relaxation and hydrotherapy.

There Is No Replacement for Reliable Support

With an online hot tub purchase, it’s critical that you know your spa was built by a reliable manufacturer. Otherwise, you may find yourself without proper instruction on how to maintain your hot tub. If something on your spa breaks, you may find yourself without access to the parts or the technicians to get it running again. Whereas, local hot tub retailers can provide maintenance support and repair services to make sure your spa runs well all year long.

However, not all dealers and not all hot tub brands are created equal. The first step to buying your spa is to find a hot tub brand you can trust. Once you’ve determined the best brand for your home spa, then you can locate a trusted dealer in your area and enjoy a test soak.

Finding a Hot Tub Brand You Can Trust

Choosing a hot tub brand you can trust and shopping at a brand-approved local hot tub retailer means you can count on your hot tub to be ready every day.

When researching hot tubs online, you may find yourself at a loss as to which hot tub brands are the best. Every brand tries to put its best foot forward, and it can be hard to pick out true quality in a field so full of superlatives. However, there is an independent source you can turn to that aggregates customer scores for quality and satisfaction and determines the hot tub brands that stand behind their products and offer excellent customer service.

The TradeCertified award is given by SpaRetailer Magazine, the hot tub industry’s source for the latest news. They take into account the scores a manufacturer receives from consumers and dealers to ensure they are not affected by advertising dollars, and they award a trade certification based on the final score. Winners have shown exceptional dedication to reliability and customer satisfaction. When one of these manufacturers has received the TradeCertifiedmark of quality for years, you can trust that they stand by their products.

Caldera® Spas has received the TradeCertified mark of excellence for over 12 years. We put dedicated effort into designing spas that offer power and comfort. We have also engineered innovative energy-efficient hot tubs with water care options such as the FreshWater® Salt System*. In addition to reliability, the costs of owning a well-equipped Caldera spa may be lower over the long term than many of their competitors due to reduced hot tub maintenance and service requirements. Having put so much energy into engineering Caldera hot tubs you can count on, we don’t let just any retailers sell them.

Caldera spa hot tub retailers have shown that they will go the extra mile to offer great customer service, as well as excellent hot tub support after purchase. In order to become a Caldera spa dealer, a hot tub retailer has to apply and be willing to become an expert in product lines, features and capabilities, and how to best service each model.

Only one hot tub retailer in any given area makes the cut by showing excellence in customer service and hot tub maintenance. These businesses provide the perfect venue for you to sample the home hot tub experience that could be yours every day. You can try leading Caldera spa models for yourself. And when you visit a local dealer, you can ask any questions you might have directly—about water care, maintenance, massage features, accessories, and how to make the most of your hot tub every day for wellness and other benefits. You’ll know you’re getting knowledgeable answers and the best support for your stress-less shopping experience.

Our spas are sold only by qualified hot tub retailers with a proven record of excellence in customer service. To try out your perfect home hot tub before buying, find a dealer in your area.

*The FreshWater® Salt System cannot be used on Caldera® spas hot tubs manufactured prior to 2019.

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